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I am planning a rustic wedding and am having trouble deciding if my dress will work with the theme? HELP!?

I am getting married in August and have dreamed of having a rustic wedding. Our wedding is outdoors and I want lots of mason jars, burlap, and the whole rustic decor. One problem is, is that I fell in love with this dress--- http://www.davidsbridal.com/Product_Strapless-Satin-A-Line-with-Beaded%20Waistband-WG3389 and it is not very rustic at all. The fit is perfect and it looked amazing on me, but the problem is, is that to me it seems more formal... I feel like the lace bridesmaids dresses that I pictured would have to change, because it doesn't really flow with what I am going to have on. If I could have opinions on if anyone thinks it would work or has any ideas they wanna know throw at me I would really appreciate the help!!


  1. You live it dont change it
  2. The dress is really pretty and I think it will work, are guest's going to be dressed formally? If so then it would be fine:)
  3. I think the dress is fine! It's simple, and clean; refreshing with the rustic theme. It's beautiful. :) Go for the dress you love, so you don't regret your wedding day in the future. Congrats on your wedding.
  4. You could try making it more rustic by adding flowers on your head. Use wild flowers though. Since you've already fallen in love with the dress you will likely regret not getting it if you choose another. Good luck and congrats.
  5. It sounds like you really like the dress so you could get to and find a dress maker to make it look rustic by puting lace etc on it.Or have the dress as is and have rustic looking acessories eg necklace shoes and have you hair done in old style way. If you can't have the rustic dress you want but you still love the dress its the next best thing.Have a beautiful wedding.
  6. I think that dress is adorable and would work fine with the theme. A lot of brides have the rustic atmosphere but do not look rustic or outdoorsy at ALL, and the overall effect of rustic and elegant actually compliments each other really well. You don't really describe the bridesmaid's dresses, except that they're made of lace, but I'd imagine they'd be fine, as well. A lot of BM dresses don't really "match" the formal look of the bride, and it works out beautifully anyway. If you haven't picked out a particular dress yet, you may want to find something sleeveless, or with a similar waistline, but you could have whatever fabric or embellishments you want.
  7. I mean, it doesn't exactly scream barn dance or anything but there's certainly nothing wrong with that. Here's the secret to planning a wedding: it's all always goes together. As long as you really love each individual piece, it'll work together. If you get that dress and look at your pictures I guarantee you'll think "I love how it all looks together". Same with the bridesmaid dresses or centerpieces or whatever you choose. Never ever ever ever turn something down that you love because you're worried it won't 'go'.
  8. Reason #4856 why I hate theme weddings. WHO CARES if your dress doesnt go with your theme. The theme should be 'wedding' and nothing else.
  9. The dress is lovely. You won't have a problem with it. Congratulations.