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How to keep my computer safe?

Hey, I'm going to DJ a wedding coming up soon and it's an outdoor wedding. I'm worried that the afternoon sun could damage my computer as they will not have a tent. Is there anything I can do keep my laptop safe from the sun? Obviously, I can't stick an umbrella next to the table! Any ideas? (Not to expensive, but I will if I have too!)


  1. Decorate a 3-sided box to shade it with. Bet the bride would be willing to help you or give suggestions so it will blend into her scheme.
  2. There are "Laptop sunshades" (search on google images) you can buy or make yourself out of cardboard, if it's going to be in a very hot place and direct sunlight at the spot you will be setting up your equipment. Otherwise you can find tree shade and just be aware of bird poop :p If it's late afternoon, not really that hot, or it's a cloudy day, your computer should be fine. Computers are designed to withstand temperatures of 50° to 95° Fahrenheit (or 10° to 35° for you Celsius folks), but anything higher is likely to lower your laptop's battery life or even make your hard drive expand.