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Planning a small intimate wedding, please help us with ideas?

About 30-60 guests. Not sure when possible in the Fall maybe next year. Simple church ceremony and want to go outdoors for photos background. Looking for any ideas to help us plan this great day with dinner only after the ceremony. Bridal party attire, cupcake ideas, flowers will be silk, etc. Want to have a small intimate wedding, so we could save our money for a house.


  1. We are doing the same thing so im answering so I can see the ideas and get a few for myself.
  2. I've been planning my wedding to, so I'll offer some advice. But all in all, you know I can't tell you what to do (although I know it would be so much easier lol!!). Fall weddings are gorgeous, I wish mine was in the fall. Jealous :) Okay, now that you've got the season picked out, first ask yourself some questions. Is there going to be a theme? (ex: the season?) what are your colors going to be? (ex: anything you want is okay, but to narrow it down you can include fall colors) Where is the dinner going to be located, do you know yet? You can have all of your bridesmaids where the same dress, or you can do like some others have done and let them pick their own dresses as long as they stay within the color scheme. Dress lengths can alternate. Have you thought about music? So I guess are you having cupcakes instead of the traditional cake? Whether you are or not, cupcake frosting can be any color you want, if you pick wedding colors try to keep in that. Put little toppers on, that would cute. Have you chosen your flowers yet? The list goes on and on and on and on and on.... etc.
  3. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Now is a good time to start checking into different magazines, bridal shows (many are free or low cost for the soon-to-be bride) for ideas that might intrigue you and express your personality. This day is all about you and your fiance', if he is willing to give in some input this will help make the planning a bit easier. You'll find that there might be things you want in your wedding, there may be things you don't. Some good questions to start mulling over are: How will you plan for the invitations? What type of music will you have played at your wedding? Do you have pre-ceremony reception along with your dinner, or not? Which of your friends and family will serve as the bridesmaids, maid/matron of honor, best man and groomsmen? It sounds like you have plenty of time to play with these ideas in your head since you're getting started now. Here's a great blog post on more detail that might help you get your planning thoughts moving.
  4. Well first, even though it is a small intimate wedding, you still need a budget. If I were to have a small intimate wedding (which is the complete opposite of ours) this is how I would do it. (casual/cozy, and a more elegant one) Casual Cozy: I love the fall (this would look really pretty with summer too) I would find a small country church to get married at. Then I would have a tented reception. For the flowers I would do 'wild' flowers (and have them create the color palette). For center peices, have mason jars with candles inside. You could include flowers, old farm toys, pictures of you guys outdoors, etc. I would hang mason jars with candles along the edges of the tent. Dress could be sheath (lace would be gorgeous) and bridesmaid dresses could be chiffon (they would flow so pretty) floor length. It would still be elegant but cozy. More Elegant looking Wedding: For colors I would do Fall colors (burnt orange, deep red, brown and plum.) I would make the bridesmaid dresses floor length in either orange or red. Tuxes-brown. For the dinner tables I would have brown table clothes, cluster or line candles with layered ribbon tied around (Do Orange Red the smallest purple with a diamond pendent on the largest candle/middle candle) in the middle of the table. The cupcakes could be frosted with different colors of your palette and have them sprinkled with 'diamonds' or 'glitter' (Edible of course)
  5. Candy or caramel apples would be great for a fall wedding. As well as a cinnamon or carrot cake/cupcake idea. Rust colored dresses for bridesmaid, or a deeper purple like eggplant or a chocolate brown. Choose colors that are rich and deep. They'll look really nice against an outdoor fall scenery. Theknot.com has some great pictures and ideas for centerpieces. you could go there are search Fall Centerpieces.
  6. Have you checked out the Intimate Weddings site? They have some beautiful inspiration there, and it *only* includes smaller events (so you won't have to drudge through the 200+ guest list weddings to find some smaller ideas)... http://www.intimateweddings.com
  7. HI, Your big day is approaching and you want everything to go just perfect, But what a lot of people overlook are the wedding speeches, which are a big part of the wedding day celebrations, so if you think you need a little help, with any of the wedding speeches, then put your mind at rest and go check this site out, you will not be disappointed. Good luck on your big day