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I am planning an outdoor spring wedding at my parents house, and I would like some ideas for flowers.?

We are looking at early May for the wedding and I would really like for there to be a lot of flowers in bloom around the house and the yard where we want to have the ceremony. What are some flowers that bloom in late April and early May?? Please help!!! Duh, I feel so stupid!! The wedding will be held in Kansas City, Missouri.. I hope that helps.


  1. I'm sure you'll get a lot of great responses to do with flowers and when they bloom - although since you neglected to say where you are, the responses may not be 100% relevant. But what I really want to suggest is that you grow them yourself. You've got a whole year to grow these flowers and by doing it yourself you'll save a bundle. Plus, you'll be able to ensure that these flowers are perfectly cared for.
  2. You are probably too late to be asking this question unless you plan to plant plants rather than seedlings; however you could go with some bulbs and plant in the fall. If you want butterflies to be part of the festivities, plant purple coneflowers (you did not mention the part of the world the planting will take place in so it is difficult to guess), sunflowers, and small ground cover in light to white colors. If you want to plant, it is not only what you plant but how you plant. Designing a garden is a feast for the parallel trapezoid lovers. Tall flowers should be in the background and shorter plantings in the front with puddles of groupings and segments of small islands that have centerpieces of a few marbles or colored rocks. The tiles are good. Tall flowers like glads and tulips will be generous to the view until late spring. Petunias, alyssum, luminaria, and mint will be good throughout plus you can make mint teas and have fun with a few nice herbals that will be part of the taste sensations. Plant strawberries for May and serve fresh strawberries, save money and enjoy the fun. Unless you really know your roses, I would not recommend a first year chance on roses besides vines. Never forget the daisy, simplicity and beauty.
  3. For that time of year, go to your local nursery NOW and ask what bulbs you should be planting and when. Then get your local nursery to help you out. They can help you plan the garden out. It's worth the money if it costs a bit for them to do this!
  4. Naturally any native flowers to your area would be perfect for your garden wedding. You may fair well to go to your local nurseryman or florist for the best choices of native flowers for your area. They would also be able to tell you which will be blooming in April and May.