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In your opinion, what style of wedding dress would suit an hourglass figure?

I'm 5ft 3" and 60kg. The wedding is an outdoor ceremony and indoor reception.


  1. I have a hourglass figure similar to yours. Not bragging whatsoever, I look better and more flattering when I wear a mermaid style dress. Now what is my wedding dress? A strapless tulle skirt not figure whatsoever dress. It tightens at the top of my waist and then poofs out a little. I won't want to wear a hoop skirt or anything, but i definitley won't have much of a figure. When you love the dress, it automatically looks completely gorgeous on you. Not because it fits you well, but because you love it, and you love people looking at you wearing it. My wedding is also outdoor and reception indoor. As far as an outdoor look? I think anything very unique would look gorgeous. Like I have tulle. You could have feathers, or ruffles, or a fanned out mermaid dress. Here are a few I could find that I personally like for outdoor. http://www.morilee.com/bridals/bridal/1607 http://www.morilee.com/bridals/bridal/1606 http://www.morilee.com/bridals/bridal/1609 http://www.morilee.com/bridals/bridal/2507 http://www.morilee.com/bridals/bridal/2101 http://www.morilee.com/bridals/blu/4805 These are all very different, but I would think all these would look great outdoors. It isn't just about the type or style or materials or design, but it's about the overall feel of how all those things put together make this dress great for outdoors, or anything really. Hope you get an idea :)