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Do you have any ideas for inexpensive decorations for a wedding reception?

I was asked to help someone decorate for their wedding. They still don't have any solid ideas on how to decorate and say they are on a really tight budget. Any suggestions? Their main color is pink. I think their main concern is how to decorate the tables cheaply. The tables are round.


  1. 1) Paper: Get newspaper, sticky tape the pages together and then cut the shape of the table. Then get some pink paint and brush or roll one coat on. You should still be able to see the print of the newspaper underneath, but that is ok, it just ads to it being creative. 2) Paper chains: Like metal chains, omly made of paer. You need strips and a stapler. Can hang from the ceiling, can make loops. 3). Check out charity shops - they always have decorations.
  2. Try looking at the local dollar store. Alos, have a secondary color, like white (as an example). A round white platter with pink stones or sand on it with varying heights of pink and white candles. All of these things can be purchased at discount stores or online! Try Walmart for simple fabric for table coverings and purchase as many yards as you can afford. Cut them to size and hem the edges. I apologize if that is confusing! Good Luck!
  3. Cheap plastic Christmas ornaments, bought in bulk in the color of your choice, and hung by clear thread or by matching ribbon is easy and cheap. For the centerpieces you want candles. Go to Ikea, Kmart, Thrift store, or raid everyone's mom's cupboards for jars and votive holders. Most people have tons tucked away. Clean them (hardest part but you have to get the old candles and soot out of them), put pink candles in them and put a few on every table. They will all be mismatched but it will look charming. Make sure they are all safe and the wax won't leak out later in the evening. Also stay away from scented candles as it will compete with the food smells and/or just be annoying. You can add a small mirror to put them on, but it's not necessary. Put a little water in the bottom of each holder, this makes removing the candle the next day much easier.
  4. Pink! http://www.superweddings.com/decor/centerpieceproject-prettyinpink.html http://www.superweddings.com/bridalcrafts.html http://www.americanbridal.com/tabdec.html Although you are meant to buy these table decorations, most of them look easy enough for you to be able to make them yourself. http://www.cheap-wedding-solutions.com/cheap-wedding-centerpiece-idea.html I like the first link the best Good luck
  5. First you have to find out what their budget is. Then you can figure out to go within it. You can get any type of vases on sale and get pink candles. You can get river rocks or flat marbles from most stores, pet stores or crafts stores like Michael's. One of the cheapest decorations is to have one large flower floating in water. Flowers like hydrangea or magnolia work great for this. Being so large, just one floating in water will take up most of the table. Buy flatter bowls either in the wedding color in cheap ones and spray paint. Many people aren't doing the whole matchy-matchy thing. Decorators are really big into doing more of a kitchy home feel by using different items on each table. I used tall vases and seasonal flowers to save money. Glads have multiple blooms on each stem so you only need about 6 stems per vase to fill it up with flowers. Ordering those from a bulk warehouse (like Sam's or BJ's) saved a lot of money. You need more details before you can start designing this. Is it going to be formal or casual? What time of day? What does the room already look like? You may need to be careful with your colors if the room already has colored carpet. What time of year? What vision do they have? I had a tropical themed wedding. It was perfect for my husband and I as we love cruising but wouldn't be for other people. Some people love country and for decorations I've seen metal watering cans and sunflowers. That doesn't suit me at all but sunflowers can be grown in no time many places in the country and therefore are really cheap. Some people love how gerbera daisies can be dyed to any bold bright color you want. I've never liked that look but tons of people who have pink as one of their colors ♥love♥ it. Consider what come members of the family already own. Larger decorations make a much larger impact without as much stuff. Large outdoor patio lamps like the Chinese lanterns add bold bright color and really 2 strings would decorate most halls. Coupons are a girls best friend. Michael's had a 40% off coupon in the paper every Sunday. I bought one item every week. I also got a lot of things on clearance. Other centerpiece idea is to incorporate your favors into the centerpiece. That way at the end of the night much of the centerpiece is gone. For example, if you used Chinese take home boxes (with something edible inside) as your favors you could stack them in the center of the table. You wouldn't need as much to finish off the centerpiece. You really need to get more detail first though. It would be horrible to pick something the bride hates! You need to see the bridesmaids dresses, the hall, and pictures of the cake to try to get an idea of what the bride wants.
  6. What about balloons and a middle floral arrangement. If you use those satiny pink- or white it could look really nice and give you height. Use good silk arrangements and make them yourselves. My sis did this and we made them months before- she was in a huge banquet hall with 400 guests and it was beautiful
  7. I'd head to a $1 store if there is one near you. There are great finds at these places! Or try Oriental Trading Company. You can have pink table cloths with a white runner on each table. Top with a small bouqet of pink flowers (carnations would be the cheapest), or buy battery operated mini lights and place them in glass vases of some kind.
  8. It helps to have a theme to work with, even if that means just a color you like. Try going to www.orientaltrading.com they have qick and easy projects & decorations. The customer service is amazing and everything is affordable!
  9. i bought some candles from Partylite for favors... if you host a sow half the time you get most of it free! I still have the site www.partylite.biz/sites/jaclynschopp you can get cetnerpieces and votive holders super cheap
  10. Try these personalized soap favors from http://www.icandysoaps.com Cool!