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what are some tips on saving money for a wedding?

We do not have much money for a wedding and need to do it cheap, any tips?? we want an outdoors wedding.


  1. Have it in someone's yard. Borrow your dress. The groom and groomsmen can wear nice suits. The bridesmaids can wear simple dresses. Fake flowers. People can bring a covered dish to the potluck. I bought four blank birthday cakes. My wedding was $400, and that included the rings.
  2. a church can help - you only have to pay the minister (idk how much though). like the other person said, have it at someone's house. go to a second hand store for a wedding dress. the groomsmen & bridesmaid/MOH can buy their own dresses. have people cater the wedding. The style of wedding dress I want is around $100-$200 which to me is cheap for a dress.
  3. for my bacherlet party my brides maides me a brokay of strow foam with suckers in it and a sine and it seid suck for a buck i made lots and lots of money i went threw 2 hundred bags of suckers waite till summer that way you will have time to save up besides if you are a daughter to your dad usely the father of the bride pays whats the deal!!!!!!
  4. Someones backyard.
  5. dnt do it .wish i didnt get married
  6. Have it in a park or got to a beach .The potluck is a great idea ! I don't know where the big question was popped but maybe that could be incorporated somehow . Or you want outside have a Justice of the Peace perform the ceremony on the courthouse steps . Good Luck!
  7. There are alot of ways that you can save money planning a wedding. Creating most of the flower arrangements yourself, whether you pick real ones (from a local flower market, costco, etc.) or fake ones (micheals, hobby lobby, walmart etc.). There are plenty of books that you can get on arranging flowers, or look online. Look for coupons in bridal magazines you might pick up, on line, or in your newspaper. I know that Micheals has a 20% off coupon you can use on anything wedding-ish. I've used a coupon like that several times, on different trips. If there is a college nearby, go the the local art department and ask about students that the proffessor would think would do a good job as a wedding photographer. Pay a small fee, and feed him or her, and it will be a lot cheaper then a pro. photographer. For that matter, have a relative or friend be the photographer for the day. Put the pictures on a cd, and decide fromt here which ones you want to print out and put in a scrapbook. (pro photographers cost from $1000 dollars for 4 hours and up) If you want an outdoor ceremony, you could always have your guests stand, and only have a few seats out for your older relatives, or for others who can't stand for long periods. Of course, this would mean that your ceremony shouldn't go past 20 mins. Otherwise, you could save by having your wedding at a church, and borrowing their chairs and tables, and use those outside. For the decorations, do a lot of it yourself. Want pretty tablecolths? use plastic ones and paint your theme ides on it, or someone you know is artsy. Have a friend do your makeup, Keep your hair simple, or have another friend do your hair. Design your own invites, print them out, or stamp them out yourself. Get your bridesmaids to help you create everything, spend a weekend doing everything, or several nights a month, until everything is finished. These are just a few idea, you could also go onto weddingknot.com or go to your local bookstore/library where there are plenty of books that will give you ideas on how to save money on a wedding.