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How do I keep a wedding cake cooled off for an outdoor wedding?

Buttercream. It will be underneath a gazebo, but we are expecting the temp to be around 90 degrees.


  1. What kind of icing? Fondant? Buttercream? or Whipped? Or something else? Try for a shaded spot like under one of those tents or a pavilion or gazebo. Direct and intense sunlight will effect or melt all three icings negatively if it sits in it for a long period of time. But if it's shaded it should be okay so long as its not suffocating out. It should be a little cooler in the shade. I don't like the procession idea. As a cake decorator I see the cake being mishandled and falling over and then that would look bad on me -- not the idiot who was carrying it. And if it's a columned cake (as opposed to stacked) then it's MORE likely to topple because of stability issues. Once the decorator sets it up try not to move it alot. And if it's in a gazebo there are sure to be steps so you can't even roll it over on a cart. Arrange for the decorator to drop it off RIGHT before the reception (again depends on the cake design) so it's out for as little time as possible. It should be okay in the shade, but I would recommend arranging the cake cutting shortly after dinner so it's not out any longer then necessary. If your cake saving the top layer for the first anniversary then have a waiter/server put the top layer in a cool place after the cake cutting.
  2. You should put it out at the last moment, right before the cake cutting. Before that you could keep it in a van with the AC running. I know it would be nicer to leave it out and let people admire it, but if it gets all melted that would suck. Just have a cake procession when you bring it out.
  3. i just asked my fiance'... he said, why not get some ice, bag it in zip lock bags and put it under the the cloth you are planning on putting under your cake.... you might want to use a large sheet cake pan to place on the ice and under the table cloth for stability... that part is my idea.. ( :
  4. Do not attempt it. Even the most skilled cake artisans are powerless against the sun. 90 is too hot for buttercream.. even in the shade. Lets face it, you cannot display your cake at your wedding. I have seen too many brides and Mother of the Bride come on here after the wedding complaining of a melted cake, and wondering if they can blame the baker. (the answer is no) Keep it in a cool place or fridge just before cutting. Bring it out, cut it, and then take it back to cut individual portions. By that time the buttercream will soft, so be quick about it!
  5. freeze to transport, put it about an hour before serving. i would not use columns or structures. flat sheet cake
  6. Rent a large refrigerator and remove the cake shortly before cutting the cake. Otherwise, you need to select something other than buttercream.
  7. Firstly, make sure the buttercream is made with shortening with trans fat included, or a high ratio shortening (has a high fat content) They can add butter flavoring to give it a buttercream taste. The shortenings have a higher melting point than butter and can withstand higher temps. Also you may want to keep it refrigerated until it needs to be cut, or only keep it on display for a half hour or so before cutting it. I'm a cake decorator.