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What are you doing to make your wedding fall-tastic?

Colors, menu, drinks, favors, decor? A combination of the above? If you are having a fall wedding, what are the fall elements you are including to set your wedding apart from the rest?


  1. I love the idea of lanterns for a fall wedding. Also, lots of candles and the feeling of warmth and comfort. I'm from New England and I love everything associated with Fall here. The crisp air and the aroma of people burning fires in their wood burning stoves/fireplaces. I love pumpkins, corn stakes, crisp tasting apples and the colors of fall. I love the way the trees turn colors and the air is crisp, cool and clean. I would suggest you google "Fall in New England" or something similar. You'll get lots of websites with pictures, craft ideas and stories about Fall in New England. If you are in driving distance, I would suggest you visit. Check out some local fall fairs and take a hike through a state park. You'll get lots of ideas from just visiting and seeing out local people decorate their homes, businesses and restuarants for the Fall.
  2. A good friend of mine used the fall season to do some special and unique things such as having a chocolate cake with brown frosting with orange/yellow leaves. She decorated straw hats with silk fall flowers and sunflowers. She made it an evening dinner reception and served an incredible lasagna having the wedding at a nice Italian restaurant. Oh my goodness, I got to wear the most beautiful deep purple dress that I would actually wear again and again. You could even serve an apple cider beverage rather than a traditional punch. Fall is an unforgettable time to have a wedding because you can take advantage of the deep, rich colors such as burgandy and deep purples- I love it!