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Do you have any unique ideas for a cute fall wedding?

I am looking for cute decor options, centrepieces, flower types, colors, ANYTHING for a fall wedding...


  1. I've always pictured myself having a fall wedding. A couple of ideas I have are (1.) include a few fall leaves in the bouquets and (2.) to have each of my bridesmaids wear a different fall color (i.e. burnt orange, dark yellow, light brown). Good luck!
  2. I've seen cornucopia style centerpieces. Or centerpieces made of small, tiny gourds. Either the gourds piled in a bowl, or put them in a clear vase with a ribbon wrapping the vase. There are lots of great crysanthemums available in fall. Use as much natural stuff as you can-even a vase full of twigs will look awesome in fall!
  3. If I hear one more person suggest "burnt orange" as a color theme for a fall wedding, I might lose it. lol! Think garnet, gold, eggplant, amber, champagne and chocolate tones. I think a really pretty centerpiece idea would be filling a large glass column vase with bright leaves and berries, then filling it with water and putting a floating candle on top.
  4. I read this article about unique bouquets -- it includes some ideas for fall weddings like wheat sheaves, autumn leaves, dried flowers, even using vegetables in your bouquet. There are some pics posted with the article for ideas. You might have to click through the several pages the article is on to find the section I'm talking about.
  5. I'm actully planning a fall wedding myself. My dress is Ivory, and my bridesmaids are wearing "truffle" in color for their dresses. We've chosen; burnt orange, dark yellows, orange, reds, ivory, and deep blue for our colors. We're getting married outside where "Dr. Quinn Medicine Women" was filimed... lots of trees, and just about the time when all the leave change colors. Some of the flowers we picked are; Sunflowers (yellow, orange, and blood red), Roses, Tea Roses, Sweet Pea Flowers, Alstrimeria (many colors, some two-tone) and for greens ie-leaves in bouquest, Ivy & bear grass... maybe you'll get some hints for our ideas! Good luck and enjoy your beautiful day!
  6. I'd have the men wear tan tuxes, the girls wear brown dresses, and have sunflower boquets. I'd decorate the tables at the reception with colorful leaves with a pumpkin in the center. You could have a pumpkin carving station for kids. You could have hot apple cider, and caramel apples. Ooh I wish I would have had a fall wedding! :-)