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How to plan an inexpensive but elegant wedding?

My wedding is in June 2009. I've just started planning. My colors are Lavender, & Silver. I don't really have a theme. I want to have a wedding with all the perks but half the cost any suggestions?


  1. there are about a million ways to curb the cost of a wedding don't spend extravagant amounts on the dress. get your brides maids to pay for their wn dresses but choose something they can wear again and again so they don't mind paying. don't invite 300 people to the reception or if you need to give them a 2 course meal not 3 course with a house beverage package. don't have a champagne fountain. go creative but cheap on the bonbonaires. or have a cocktail party where you don't have to pay for as much food... have the reception in your garden (or someone elses). do your own invitations, menus, name tags etc. find a friend who is into photography or is a photograher. find one of those cooking schools to make a wedding cake... the list is endless you just have decide on what you want to do first...then come back to us when you have some concrete ideas we can help you with
  2. Unfortunately doing it yourself is really the best way to curb costs. Get you girls together and come up with ideas for the wedding and find ways to do the things yourselves.
  3. Since June is a peak month for weddings, it will be a bit harder to avoid some costs. But try having a brunch wedding or on a weekday or a Sunnday instead of the usual Saturday afternoon. It should savelots of money.
  4. I was lucky enough to find a reception site that provides the china, food, open bar, glasses, silverware, tables, chairs, everything for $20 per person! If you are able to find somewhere that doesnt charge extra for these things, it would help a LOT. Also, the best thing to do is narrow your guest list! if you are crafty, you can make your own favors, print your own invites (check Target, they have some gorgeous stuff thats cheap!), if you want to cut cost of alcohol, serve a signature drink! shop around for flowers. If you go with silk, wait until they are half off! Ebay, garden ridge, old time pottery all have great bargains on vases and candles. many bridesmaids dresses can be bought after prom season for $20 each! to save money on shoes, buy them from anywhere except from the bridal store!! go to your local book store and check out the wedding section, there are TONS of books on planning a great wedding on a budget! Good luck and congrats!!!
  5. I'm getting married next month & if everything goes as plans my wedding will be about $5000.00 after everything. Thats the church, reception, decor, limo, dj, food everything. My tips to you: ask family members to donate food for reception instead of wedding gifts so find a reception hall that will let you bring your own food that will save you thousands. If you cannot afford a decorator go to shops like Michael's & AC Moore(craft stores) & buy your own decor for centerpieces, use silk flowers for bouquets, church decor etc. Your colors are pretty simple you can do alot with your decor especially the silver so remember I'ts not how much you spend I'ts what you do with what you have...Good Luck Believe me I'ts possible but alot of work
  6. First off, plan for a Friday or Sunday wedding...that alone will open the doors to great discounts on everything from the reception location to mostly all of the vendors! Start bargain shopping now....check out Craigslist (wedding extras)...ebay (watch out for this one though)...clearance aisles... and by far the thing that saved me in the decorating & invitation aspect.... BLACK FRIDAY SALES! - we did most of our decorating and the discounts alone at Michael's crafts were to great to pass up! (and the wedding stuff at walmart helped a bit too...especially for the shower...their invites matched our theme and they were on clearance!) Favors....the best prices were at the favoroutlet.com Shoes...Bridalpeople.com - the shoes I wanted were $98 at all the stores...I got them here for $48! Oriental Trading - they have a decent selection of wedding decorations and favors for cheap prices! One thing to remember...always do your research on the internet... Good luck!
  7. What lovely colours ! Not a wedding, but a birthday a few years ago , I went onto the Internet for ideas. I wrote a list of things I was interested in doing for the theme and went to my local library and looked up different magazines to get an idea or two as to how to plan and put it into operation. I knew vaguely what I wanted and put everyone to work doing invitations. I had Royal Purple( it's a colour) cardboard, cut into pieces that when folded would fit into standard envelopes and written on with gold and silver pens. We went to our local $2 store and bought large quantities of these pens. Check out garage sales, and clearance sales. Sometimes bargains are just waiting to be found. Do you have a dress yet ? Go into your local library and check out the bridal magazines and or go onto the Internet and check out possible themes. Do you know a good dressmaker who doesn't charge the earth ? If you do, go to her and tell her the colour scheme you have in mind. From the magazines that you have looked at and hopefully picked out a few you like, print them off and take to your dressmaker. If this is your first marriage you'll probably want white, but if you want to be different why not use the lavender as your main colour and have silver accessories? Should you wish to have bridesmaids, reverse it and let them have a simple style in silver with lavender accessories to complement your outfit. If you don't want the expense of making outfits, you could hire them from a reputable hire firm. Your attendants could hire their own, as well and bright green as a colour either in the hair by way of a small cap/hat with a piece of netting over the front for you, instead of a veil?? There is a name for these types of hats. I think they are called dominators or something similar. Would look super elegant and very dressy. Green for your lavender outfit or lavender for a silver outfit. Hope this makes sense??For your shoes,visit your local bootmaker and see about getting them dyed to your colour scheme. Some drycleaners also do this service and are reasonably priced. You could go to a local person also and have your hair braided for half the cost of an expensive hairdresser. But for your cake, a private cook might be the answer or a local bakery, depending on where you live.Look in the phone book and check some of them out. Take suggestions from friends and/ or family but ultimely make up your own mind because it your wedding . YOUR DAY TO SHINE !!! I hope this advice has been helpful.
  8. Ok. * Make your own invitations: you can find kits for making invitations at wal-mart, target, kmart, michaels. * Buy your wedding attire all on sale. Look at Ross Dress For Less. You can find some really pretty dresses there. They not be wedding dresses, but often times they are prom dresses that can be dressed up with some lace or jewelry. *Keep your decor really simple. The more elaborate your decor is, the more expensive it will be. If your going to use real flowers, then use ones that are in season, and inexpensive. *Hire a high school or college student to do the photography for your wedding. They need the money, possible future work, and you need a discounted service. *If your wanting a car classic car, to drive you to and from your wedding site. Ask a friend or relative if you can use their car. Offer then $100.00 plus a full tank of gas. *Choose a free or low cost place to get married. Often times this would mean a public park, backyard, meadow, mountain locations. *Your reception can be an elegant affair or a causal bbq. That would depend on your budget. good luck. :)
  9. Congrats to you and your fiancee!!! YAY!!! :) Well the main thing is to do what you can yourself... invites, flowers, favors, decorations, etc... those little things can add mucho dollars when you have someone else do it! I have a budget myself of $4000-5000 (hopefully closer to the $4000!) and I'm having about 125-150 guests. The biggest expense is the meal/bar bill, which is usually about half of your budget. Having a buffet might be a little cheaper than having dinner per plate, I think mine's gonna be about $10-12 per guest for dinner. As for the bar bill... I'm going to pay for soda, get a keg (or perhaps a half keg? I'm not certain yet lol) of beer and if anyone wants mixed drinks they will have to pay for them. (Some people may think it's tacky, but I am actually putting on the invites -- in small print at the bottom -- that a cash bar will be available all night, so they come prepared, cuz I know a lot of people won't bring money with them if they think *everything* is complimentary.) Mixed drinks are what really hikes up your bar bill! You can get a lot of ideas just watching those bridal shows on TV. I've also gotten a lot of ideas just reading people's questions and answers on HERE. My cake... I actually was lucky enough to come across a girl on Myspace that lives in my town that does beautiful cakes out of her home for relatively inexpensive. BUT you must watch that, only cuz a lot of reception sites require a licensed baker or to use their own on-site baker, plus there might be a cutting fee which can range from $1-5 per slice (or even more!!! Make sure you read the fine print before you commit!) :) Also don't look past going to Walmart's bakery or your local grocery store's bakery... I've seen some great cakes come out of those places too, and you would have never known it!! I am making my own flowers. I actually hit Hobby Lobby when they were having a 50% off sale on all of their flowers, so I got $100 worth of flowers for $50! You and your bridesmaids could have a flower making party (or a favor making party as well!) As for my favors, I'm doing a couple different things. Of course I'm having bubbles! I got plain bubble bottles at Dollar Tree for $1/dozen (CHEAP!) and I actually found a girl on ebay that prints up labels for very cheap! this is a link to the seller http://stores.ebay.com/Beautiful-Favors-Fast_W0QQcolZ4QQdirZ1QQfsubZQ2d33QQftidZ2QQtZkm As for my other favors, I saw a cute one on a website for sale that was called a spoonful of kisses, and it's a plastic spoon with a few hershey kisses, wrapped in tulle and on the tag it says "A spoonful of kisses from the Mr. and Mrs." with our names and wedding date. I also am having programs which I am printing myself. Also printing up myself are the invites! I didn't need paper that was real fancy so I went to Office Max and got some fall themed paper (cuz I'm having a fall wedding) and some envelopes and some postcards for the reply/save the date cards. (I'm only sending save the date cards to people that live out of the area that will have to make travel arrangements) Cuz I couldn't see spending a fortune on invites that most people keep until the wedding and throw away! Also, here are some websites that I am using to curb my costs: http://www.bridalonlinestore.com/ <---AWESOME dresses at a fraction of the cost of traditional bridal shops, excellent customer service and the dresses are JUST beautiful, and are guaranteed for satisfaction!!! They also have bridesmaid dresses as well and other accessories (veils, headbands, hair clips, gloves, guest books, etc.... you get the idea!) :) http://www.orientaltrading.com/ <---sign up to receive their wedding ideas book in the mail (it's free!) and there is awesome ideas in it and on the website for favors, decor, etc. I'm having a fall wedding and I'm getting leaves to scatter on the tables from here (those are under the fall section rather than the wedding section though) everything is relatively cheap and if you order over a certain dollar amt you get free shipping. http://www.tullesource.com/ This is awesome for inexpensive tulle and they have such a wide variety of colors. My wedding colors are apricot and sage and they actually have my colors in tulle, which is great cuz I need tulle for one of my favors and for my centerpieces. http://www.confetti.com/ another great one for confetti (hence the name lol) and other decor. very reasonable prices! http://www.michaels.com/ yeah... awesome wedding stuff for not too much! I love going to Michael's! (Hobby Lobby and Dollar Tree are my friends too!) :) Other great sites to check out: http://www.blissweddings.com/ http://www.brides.com/ http://www.ewedding.com/ http://offbeatbride.com/ http://www.theknot.com/ http://www.ultimatewedding.com/ http://www.weddingchannel.com/ http://www.annsbridalbargains.com/ http://www.efavormart.com/ http://www.favorideas.com/ http://www.getmarried.com/ There ya go, that should get you started!!! :) Good luck!!!