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Can you combine Rustic and Modern wedding styles?

I am having a Fall wedding in October of next year, and I would love to get some ideas on how to create a Rustic style wedding with Modern touches. My venue will be at a Ranch, with the ceremony outside. Colors are Emerald Green, Chartreuse, and Chocolate Brown. :)


  1. Wow, have a nice future. If I were you, i want something which really hard to forget by all people. i don't know what is this in your country? Sure, that's a combination Rastic and modern weding styles.
  2. Just do what you like to do,Good luck:)
  3. Your colors sound wonderful. It sounds alittle like you want to bring nature's simplicity into the wedding. Instead of bows, I would go with streaming ribbons with dried plants as the focal point on the pews. When you say "modern" for decorating, I always think of IKEA. But there is modern cooking as well. Basically simple, straight lines with balance and function right? I recommend spending alittle time viewing the online "rooms" on IKEA.com and focus on the decor, the placement and the structure. I think you could replicate some of that even cheaper. You already have the rustic just by having the wedding at a ranch. There really isn't much need to overdo that. Congrats and have fun.