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Anyone got any ideas for my camo wedding?

My fiance and I are planning a fall wedding with a camo theme. My dress is camo, his vest, the table clothes, etc. Hes an avid fisherman and I love to hunt so were trying to incorporate that into our wedding. I want a classy wedding just camo! Any ideas are greatly appreciated!! My Dress isnt all camo! Its white with camo ribbon. And the table bothes are gonna be a light tan with a camo topper on them. It wont be over kill.


  1. Can you put camo and classy in the same sentence?
  2. could you add some pic of the dress and everything so people can get a better idea? With that being said fall wedding with two outdoors people can be fun. have the reception in a barn. Serve chili and corn bread. I'm having pumpkin and apple pies at mine instead of cake. Use pumpkin in the centerpieces. I think if you don't go over board with the camo that it will look classy too much may start to look like a red neck wedding.
  3. This way, if you have a buffet dinner, you should incorporate fish and game dishes as well. Having the wedding outdoors is also great, but get the reception indoors so guests can still point you out even after dusk. Hunting or fishing related decor (like tackles and antlers in the centerpieces - make sure tackles are NOT sharp), camouflage nets hung on the walls or on the sides of the aisles, an arch of hunting rifles and/or fishing poles made by the groomsmen as you walk out of the ceremony... be creative! It's really a great idea :) Happy planning, and best wishes on your new life together!
  4. There's such a thing as going overboard, hon. Why not get a gorgeous dress that's more traditional, but wear your hunting boots under it. Instead of camo tablecloths, why not crisp white ones with duck callers and fishing lures on the plates as favors, and other things that relate to the hunting theme around the room? In 40 years, do you really want to look at your pictures and ask yourself "what was I thinking?" Your idea is a good one, but overkill is usually reserved for birthdays and stuff. This is your wedding ... shouldn't you elevate it a little and give it the importance it deserves? Congrats, and best of luck !! *quack quack*
  5. Ummm, I'm not wedding planner but I have a few for you... 1. So even though you already have a camo dress i was thinking more of a traditional white dress with a camo veil. Still classy but still camo. Lol. Oh and camo shoes maybe? 2. The thing that you wrap aroung the bouque of flower can be camo clothe around it. 3. Green, tan, and brown confetti like when they throw it over you lol would look really nice on a white runway/aisle. 4. Even though you already have Camo table clothes I was think of a white table clothe with camo napkins shaped as ducks or a bird. Since he probably does hunt birds or ducks. 5. White invitations camo writing. 6. Camo ummm IDk running out of ideas. If your having balloons they canm have camo ribbon on the ends. 7. Camo guestbook. IDK. Lol. IDk whats at a wedding only been to one. And have never been married but those are just some ideas. Thats all I can really think of.
  6. ok, this has me thinking fun! the cake: a tiered mountain with trees and moose all over, get a good baker! or blue with mini fishing rods for a topper. the centerpieces: fish bowls with river rocks on the bottom and fish shaped or water lily shaped candles floating on top. or a group of pillar candles in greens or browns (depending on your camo colors of course) with some fall leaves, real or silk encircling them. the flowers: fall flowers of course. with lots of greenery. for songs, go country! there is no greater archive of hunting/fishing songs than that of the country music genre. for dinner: try to get some moose, elk, deer, or whatever you hunt as the main entree. with some fish dishes available of course.
  7. Well my best friend is going to surprise her fiance with a camo garter. They're having a classic country wedding. Maybe camo candle holders or balloons for centerpieces.
  8. I think the idea is charming, especially if that is what you and your groom are happy with. Here is an article of wedding advice for themed weddings. http://factoidz.com/wedding-advice-choosing-your-wedding-theme-staging-color-themes-and-creating-wedding-memories/
  9. Put the entourage in ghillie suits.Fits perfectly with your theme and they are probably a lot more comfortable than the usual garb. At www.ghilliesandstuff.com we would love to talk with you about it and could be flexible on pricing.(we already have free shipping)
  10. For the groom's cake table, pin up leaves. Not any leaves, here's a link: http://www.alligatoralley.com/image9GA.JPG They're not poisonous & will break up the camo tableclothes a little. Mini antlers coming out the cake top? Ribbons of camo around your cake? Good luck & congrats!