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What are some wedding colors for a wedding in November, also what type of flowers are good?

Any other wedding details would be very helpful! please add some pics so i can know more or less what ur talking about. i am definatly NOT picky! i love all kinds of colors and the brown sounds really cute! like a dark brown! i had also thought of like a burnt orange! IDK! but if this helps the wedding is going to be in Corpus Christi, TX. So its gonna be kinda tropical.


  1. I got married in late October and used dark red as the main color. The flowers were roses and parrot tulips, but hydrangeas, lillies, mums, and gerbera daises are also popular. For pictures, I suggest theknot.com and brides.com. They have reception pictures organized by season and color.
  2. I think any color you like is best. BUT...i'll give you some ideas. I think any brown with red, pink, baby blue would be cool. Also you could do black with red, pink, or blue also...or any other color like a light sage green, or yellow, or purple. really depends on what you like. i had pink stargazer's in my boquet, and my girls had white stargazer lily's in their boquet. i would say any color daisy, lily, or rose would be beautiful. but there are so many different options. those are just some ideas. :)
  3. Pink and light bage are great colors, my aunt and her husband used those colors and pretty flowers are maybe tulips or (hyacinth flowers) very hard to find.
  4. I am getting married november of 08 and I am doing dark mocha for the bridesmaids dresses...with an orangy yellowy bouquet (havent decided specific flowers yet) I don't have any pics...but are you subscribed to theknot.com its a free website that you can sign up to and look at bouquets, dresses, favors etc. You can also put your budgeter, your guestlist, and a checklist is already made for you to remind you of what needs to be done and how many months before your wedding! Good Luck!
  5. Autumn is all about rich, bold colors. If you plan a wedding during the harvest months, you'll want to incorporate some of the season's natural hues. When planning a fall wedding, think of nature to conjure up a color palette. Pick up a fallen leaf. You might see a combination of burnt orange, buttery gold and yellow-green. The next leaf may be a mix of dark brown and fiery red. As a rule, colors that are found combined in nature will work combined for your fall wedding color scheme. Fall wedding invitations should match your chosen colors. Consider using graphic elements such as leaves and acorns. Mums are a beautiful flower of fall that comes in such colors as crimson, yellow, purple and mauve - colors that could be combined for a warm wedding palette. Visiting a florist early in the planning process can help you narrow in on the color scheme. A beautiful combination that is seen in everything from home decor to fashion runways is rich browns paired with purples, such as eggplant and grape. To accentuate the muted natural look, use other accents that suggest nature. Wrap wedding bouquets with fabric ribbon, tulle or raffia (leaf fibers from a palm tree, used to make baskets and other crafts.) Terra cotta is another beautiful color from autumn's palette. Combine it with yellows, copper and ivory. Deep red, a color of the season, has a romantic tone as well. Combine it with lavender, burgundy and other colors between red and purple on the color wheel. Enhance the romance by using roses as a primary focus in your bouquets and centerpieces. Tie deep red ribbons on the back of ivory chairs. Cornucopias, or baskets filled with fall squashes, make wonderful fall wedding centerpieces, and can be made more elegant by adding a few fresh flowers. To make them, fill baskets of your choice with fall leaves, gourds, apples, pomegranates, peppers, dried ears of Indian corn and peppers. Blue is in high style right now, and deep shades such as navy, cobalt, blue-black and sapphire are wonderful for autumn. Pair these shades with shades of periwinkle and silver. Accent bouquets with glittery silver wires provided by your florist. A final decorating idea: make use of the bounty of the season's fallen leaves for use in decorating. And surround your location with plenty of candle light to provide a warm aura. Here are some pics for ur wedding: http://www1.istockphoto.com/file_thumbview_approve/1313445/2/istockphoto_1313445_wedding_bouquet_fall_colors.jpg http://www.weddingfavors-smart.com/images/20012-L.jpg http://www.couturebridals.com/images/286and2732.JPG Hope this helped!
  6. Well for dresses I liked Dessy.com. On that site there is the Dessy line, Alfred Sung, and After Six. I liked it because you could try different colours on each dress. For November I'm thinking Mocha, Taupe, Kiwi, Bourdeaux for dresses. A really pretty theme might be Snowflakes, depending where you live. Everything depends on whether you want coloured flowers or an all white wedding. Do a search on Google or Yahoo for pictures of things like flowers, favours, cakes, centerpieces. Eg. Winter wedding Centerpieces and see what pops up.
  7. Visit this site and go through the flowers gallery by color, There are hundreds of wedding photo ideas for your color scheme. good luck
  8. I like the idea of burnt orange, or coral. Not brown, it's just so dull, though maybe a bit of chocolate for an accent colour.