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We want to have a small wedding in Ohio?

We live in Marion Ohio and want to have a fall wedding in 4 months. We will have less than 100 people there. We want to have it somewhere pretty and easy for our guest to get to any ideas?


  1. Are there any halls or small chapels that you can rent? Anyone have a big home or back garden? A park would be good to rent and have place for everyone to come. After the service then you could eat at the picnic tables. How about a catered barbecue afterwords?
  2. I also live in Ohio-Cincinnati. I have two sons that both got married in the last two years here. They chose to be married by the justice of the peace at a function hall so that the entire wedding and reception was done together. There were quite a few older and out of town guests attending and it made it so much easier for everyone. Because the facility had bi-folding walls they were able to set an arch in one room with the bible stand and candles and when the ceremony was over they simply folded back the walls and there in the ballroom was the most gorgeous wedding reception setting. The facility was decorated beautifully! My new daughter-in-law had made all of the table decor and did the flowers as well herself. The money they saved was used on their honeymoon. I would check out local conference/convention centers.