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How can I throw an amazing wedding at a good price?

My fiance and I wanted to plan a wedding for sometime at the end of next year. After calculating prices, we realized that we are way out our price range. What are some things I can do to eliminate costs? What did some of you do for your wedding? How much did you end up spending? Whats an average price.


  1. "throw an amazing wedding" Dear God. To eliminate costs, dont try to impress people. No matter how much you spend, somebody else will have spent more. Have the very finest of each element you have - even if it's just tea and sandwiches, have the nicest freshest ingredients possible. There's nothing sadder than a huge orchestra that plays off-key, an open bar with cheap liquor, or a $500 makeup job on a girl with bad teeth.
  2. cut back on your expensives and you can always put different accesories together. you can find a beautiful dress for about 2 or 3 hundred dollars. and talk it over with your fiance. and ask what he can do to cut corners. work together and make it a beautiful wedding. it's not about the money, its about how you work together to make your wedding beautiful.
  3. Here are some easy ways to cut cost: Limit your guest list. I mean, REALLY keep it small. Do not serve alcohol. DIY! Invitations, floral arrangements, favors – do it yourself and you’ll save a lot of money. I’m sorry to say, there is no average price for a wedding. Costs vary on location, size and formality, time of year and day of the week. I spent about $5,000 on my wedding for 150 guests in Seattle.. The same cash could have provided a HUGE wedding in the Midwest. By the same token $5,000 in New York would have been just enough to get married in an elevator! My advice: make a budget and stick to it. Don’t worry about comparing your wedding to other people in terms of budget, guest list or any other standard. Make it about you and your future husband and have fun!
  4. Cut the guest list is #1. We have 200 people so our budget is $20,000... which is about average talking to many other brides with a similar size of wedding. Other ways are to Do it yourself whenever you can...that includes having a family memeber do your catering or a potluck, making your own cupcakes or getting a fake tiered cake and a sheet cake to cut and serve, cut down on transportation...do u really need a limo?, Fake flowers instead of real...or get creative, some people use feathers or crystals or paper flowers, or seashells etc. Have your wedding on a friday or sunday as venues will charge less these days, do your own hair and makeup... buy your dress vintage or used or on sale atleast lol, get an amateur photographer like a college students.. sometimes they can be a diamond in the ruff. good luck
  5. CUT back on the guest list. Invite only immediate family and the closest of friends only. No co-workers, second cousins or old high school friends. No one that you have not spoken to in a year or more. If you keep the guest list small, you will be able to have much better things at an affordable price. Do not fall into the trap pf large wedding parties, along with several flower girls, dozens of attendants etc. That will cost you a lot of money, Stick with two or three of each and no flower girls or page boys, they are so passe anyway. Do without cliche stuff such as feather pens, personalized/etched anything, guest books, unity candle, cake servers, flower girl baskets, cushiony pilllows, pew bows, limos etc. You do NOT need that stuff and that is the stuff that adds up. We had 38 people at our wedding and we had a fabulours dinner and an open bar. We spent $30k. Good luck
  6. Some ways we cut costs: - beautiful second hand wedding dress that I had altered. - got married on a Thursday night, way cheaper than a Friday or weekend - got married in the Fall, cheaper than a summer wedding - got married and had reception in the same hall - had a friend bake the cake - didn't have flowers, used other decor instead - had a photographer friend take the pictures - didn't invest in a wedding planner, did it ourselves - didn't do a sit down dinner, got married at 7 pm. so everyone had already eaten then had a buffet of hors d'oeuvres out during the reception - waaay cheaper than a dinner and everyone loved it - found a venue that did their own cash bar, we didn't pay for any alcohol - way cheaper We had a fabulous wedding, a great party, people are still talking about it and nobody cared that it was a little different. We couldn't afford a big wedding so we did what we could and it turned out to be the party of a lifetime! Ours cost $6000, but we were able to spread that out over some time and didn't have to pay it all at once. If you start planning early and paying deposits early, buying things early it really helps at the end. No idea what average is but I'm pretty sure it is more than that! Good luck!
  7. You can reduce the number of people in attendance or you can reduce the cost per person. In the first case, you can focus on the intimacy of the wedding. If you have a lot of people you want at your side, there are lots of things to do to control costs. I think the most important parts are the dress, the photos and the video - they have the most effect ont he memory you will create. Perhaps one set of parents would be willing to pay for the photographer as a gift. Can you buy the dress now? That will give you some time to pay for it - shop now, find your dream dress and start making payments. That industry has been hit hard and will help you with payment plans. If you ware willing to work hard, have the reception in a lower cost venue (volunteer fire co, local elks lodge, etc) and do the decorations and centerpieces yourself. You have time to do it! Make it a dry wedding, or have a friend tend bar with a keg and inexpensive wine. Talk to your local retailer for ideas and help. Have a friend use his ipod and rent some speakers for dance music. In my mind, the idea of a wedding is for two people to introduce their committment to one another in front of the community. It is not about making any other statement. If you guys are in love and want the world to know, then have a big celebration. This is one of the things in life money is supposed to be for. Be sure your loved ones are with you - they will not remember the venue or the meal - just how lovely you looked that day. I can't stress enough the importance of pictures/video as a memory tool. Good Luck!
  8. make everything you can check craigslist for a wedding dress or ebay or borrow a friend or family members we spent around 5000 but ours was for about 40 people and that included food appetizers an open bar the dj the cake the set up clean up
  9. If you just do the things that everyone in your set expects at a wedding, no-one will be "amazed". Happy for you, yes; comfortable, satisfied, entertained, fed ... but not "amazed". Which is actually fine: weddings are intended to recognize the couple's new status in society as married partners. That can take place with perfect good taste and courtesy without anyone being amazed. If "amazing" is what matters to you, though, you have to overcome people's expectations. One way that people overcome expectations is through extravagant spending. You can't get the amazing look of expensive elegance while taking cost-cutting measures. So, instead, plan a wedding that is in your price range. Then look for other ways to amaze people: with the freshness of your ideas, or with your creativity, or with your superior good taste, or with your fearless self-expression. Alas: you will find none of these things on the world-wide web. Once ideas hit the web, they are no longer fresh nor yours. Web-sourced ideas are hardly self-expression: they become a common expression of the online community and very "usual". What you need to do is sit down with your fiance and take inventory of your talents, interests, reputation, family and community ties, and other resources -- and see what *you* can do in your personal circumstances to come up with something "amazing".
  10. Make a list of categories starting with what you want to spend the most money on, and all the way down to what you want to spend the least on. Think about what percentage of your budget you want to spend on each category and go from there. If, when you are actually spending the money, you realize you have extra money in one category, set it aside to use in another where you need a little more. Its all about give and take. Decorations is a great place to save some money. I always wanted to be the bride who had everything professionally done, but that wasn't the case. I searched websites and magazines and found exactly what I wanted, enlisted the help of some very creative friends and recreated it for a fraction of the cost. Using the money we were able to save, hired a phenomenal photographer.