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Any wedding decor ideas for the colors lavender and light blue?

My wedding is planned for September 18th and my colors are lavender and light (almost aqua) blue. I realize I can't go too springy since it's in september but I don't want a fall theme either. I'm probably moving the ceremony indoors now so how can I incorporate my colors, love of the outdoors and fantasy into my wedding without it being tacky? Any ideas are appreciated!


  1. try theknot, they have lots of ideas for weddings. http://www.theknot.com
  2. Do you have a theme? Have you thought about adding a 3rd color just to mellow those 2 colors out? I think Brown would be a nice color to add or Grey. You can get branches of dried wood (i forgot the name but they twirl and branch out- get them at the craft store) anyway you can hot glue small and medium sized lavender and Aqua butterflies to each brand and use this as your center piece and if you have a tent you can get fern or moss (also at the craft store) and have it above the guest hanging down tastefully over the guest so when they walk in it looks like its a fairy tell movie - catch my drift? ( this si also good if you add brown in your colors) For your cake you can also add butterfly's - You can also do a wishing well type thing have your guest "wish into the well" instead of doing a money tree.
  3. Put chocolate with those colors and it will change it from very spring like to more in line with the season. Hottest color of the year is turquoise, very close to your aqua blue. Think it would be very edgy. I think if you used some curly willow or other wood branches in your arrangements, it would bring in the outdoors and the chocolate color.
  4. Martha Stewart Weddings has tons of decoration ideas for weddings. They also have a lot of DIY items that are really cute. http://www.marthastewartweddings.com/ Brides.com also has a lot of ideas for your color scheme. Here is one that has blue and purple that would work well for you: http://www.brides.com/planning/receptions/gallery/9308?offset=51 http://www.brides.com/planning/receptions/gallery/7971?offset=60 All the Best, Weddings by Dezign
  5. I love hydrangeas for a wedding. And they should be the perfect shade. (The purple ones.)
  6. Looked at lots of colors, love this stuff, found three---lime,coral/orange and deep rose/magenta For me the lime was out, the deep coral went better with a royal blue and teal blue/green and to me the deep rose/magenta (light fuschia) looked the best, very pretty, one of The Knot's best picks. A persimmon a light rust would look more fally, but I personally don't like it. Orange gives a big pop, but I still like the deep rose/magenta, mix in bouquets a slight touch of regular pink. Roses and gerber daisies come in a beautiful magenta color. Could use light purple hydrangeas if in season and the stargazer lilly would be gorgeous,. Looked at color wheel, swatches, etc. If you don't want to purchase a color wheel, buy a box of 64 Crayola Crayons and a sketch pad, very inexpensive and start putting together what they call a color board in other words, try colors you think you would like with the colors you have picked out and see which ones you like. Florist and caterer.
  7. CHECK OUT THIS CONCEPT: http://lh6.ggpht.com/_cwUPxwTrv08/SmFN25ppsYI/AAAAAAAABK0/F8XW_Vp2K6o/s800/lilac_lavender_violet_purple_wedding_inspiration_board_motif.gif.jpg