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Ideas for 50th wedding anniversary party centerpieces?

We're using the colors pink, white, and gold for the party. It would be cool to have homemade centerpieces. Thanks!


  1. Here are some ideas that I found online: http://ny-image1.etsy.com/il_fullxfull.142445589.jpg http://www.lafavoritafavors.com/images/products/detail/20081131261031_4740lg.jpg http://home.comcast.net/~hollypiper/lit3.jpg http://www.huntingtonhillscountryclub.com/photos/50th%20Anniversary/IMAGE_108.jpg (love this one!)
  2. I think something using photos of them would be cute. What about something like the photo cube/vase on this link: http://www.wedding-planning-101.com/beautiful-wedding-centerpieces.html You could use a photo from their wedding, 25th anniversary, now, etc. or these in the proper color scheme http://inspiredbyowen.com/inspired_by_owen/Photo_Centerpieces.html or maybe some of these in gold, with photos of the couple in them, with some tulle around the bottom http://www.wirehomedecor.com/wirephotoholders/
  3. Think up things that were popular during the year they were married and design the centerpieces around that.