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I need help with my Vintage Country Wedding theme?

What I mean by that is like country living in the thirties and forties. I have old milk bottles and I'm going to fill them with sunflowers for my centerpieces. But I have no idea what to do for decorations and I'm not looking for western kinda theme with cowboy hats and all that. I'm thinking more along the lines of old lanterns and stuff like that, just not cowboy-ish. Please help you obviously can tell I need it. Thank you.


  1. Hm well I'm not exactly sure what you want, but do you mean something like in Taylor Swift's music video called "Love Story"? It's like a Victorian type setting, really cute for a wedding. Anywhoo You can try looking at some thrift shops. They might have something that appeals to you :D
  2. Here is a great Real Wedding with an Elegant Western Vintage theme http://www.stylemepretty.com/2008/09/09/a-real-wedding-heather-and-kevin-iv/
  3. Use lamp oil lamps on your tables - very much in keeping with your theme but don't cost a whole lot. Safer than candles which is a big plus. Wreaths were very much in back then as were traditional flowers like roses. Cakes were always served on a raised platform of some sort, usually silver. Ribbons were common in churches as pew decorations. Men wore suits, not tuxedos. Traditional candies like homemade mints often were scattered about the base of the wedding cake. Wedding dresses, especially in the 1930' still had carry over from the 1920's styles. Ivory hair combs and similar accessories were a focus. From fitting, ruffles, straight skirts, sometimes ivory rather than white.Late 30's onward more satins and large trains and lace. Not many low cut dresses showing any bust except covered in lace in that timeframe. Open backs showing up in some 1940's dresses.
  4. http://www.bonnefete-hire.co.uk/vintage-romance.htm http://www.vintagemagpie.co.uk/ http://www.wedding-stationery-gallery.co.uk/tag/vintage/ http://fancyflours.com/site/xdpy/sf/Vintage%20Wedding%20Cake%20Toppers/Vintage%201930s%20Toppers/index.html Hope this is of some use to you. Good luck and congrats. xx