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What Halloween wedding ideas do you have?

For example: Caramel apples and a candy buffet as favors Decor be Gothic ala Dorian Gray, Tim Burton's Sleepy Hollow, etc Homemade invites using Halloween-inspired photography (full moon peeking through the trees or something similar) Bride in a Gothic style dress (deep red corset top with black skirt) carrying deep red roses Guests encouraged to wear elegant costumes Any other ideas?


  1. - Fog Machine!!! - Having a hay ride for guests would be fun and a great photo opp, - Carve pumpkins with hearts and curlicues then place a candle in them for table decorations. - I would totally go with a Sleepy Hollow theme, that has to be my favorite movie ever (love Tim Burton) - Is this not the coolest cake ever!! I would do red velvet for the actual cake for the red hue or even alternate one red velvet one chocolate even carrot for orange or pumpkin spice. http://www.pinkcakebox.com/images/cake453.jpg - I saw a picture somewhere that had the bride carrying a candelabra which would be really cool but worrisome about wax. - Can you rent a herse instead of a limo...maybe too morbid. - For getting cocktails get Blavod vodka http://www.blavod.com/main.htm It is a black vodka that makes the most amazing looking drinks every (black widow anyone?) - This totally made me laugh... http://lh5.ggpht.com/_DUIniqyKb1c/Ry5JqXmtYmI/AAAAAAAABAs/Bcc6qAursbY/Jenn's+Halloween+wedding+2007+070.jpg - Instead of the Chicken Dance you should soooo do the Time Warp. Some Websites http://www.foreverwed1.com/articles/themes/024554y.html http://www.wedaholic.com/archives/halloween_wedding_tips.php http://weddings.lovetoknow.com/wiki/Perfect_Halloween_Wedding http://www.wednet.com/articles/halloween_wedding.aspx http://www.wedthemes.com/halloween-wedding.shtml
  2. Processional - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FNBzOB7zosQ&feature=related Bridesmaid dress - http://gothicweddingdresses.webs.com/977gothic.htm Flower girl dress - http://gothicweddingdresses.webs.com/708tutu.htm Outfit for your lovely groom - https://www.xstreetsl.com/modules.php?name=Marketplace&file=images&ItemID=790027
  3. Giant cobwebs everywhere, dry ice in bowls to give that smoky look, skeletons, witches, black cats and goth bridesmaids dressed like the girls in the Michael Jackson's Thriller video. An organ playing discordant music a la Disney haunted Mansion, and if you can find one, a hologram to really freak people out. In a museum where I live they have a life size holographic shark that seems to be suspended form the ceiling and when you go to touch it, there is nothing there.
  4. I had a Halloween/Tim Burton themed wedding. Our invites were black and white striped with a white box in the center with our initials inside it. Burton loves his stripes. I would've loved to have worn a dress like Christina Ricci's at the end of Sleepy Hollow. We also had a wish tree. Burton loves his trees. You could do that. You could have tree/branch centerpieces and have red roses/rose petals surrounding it. Or you could hand red crystals or hand red candles from it if you're wanting to bring in the deep red. http://www.tribec.com/html/img/28clicks/centerpiece.jpg This may be a lame idea but follow me on it, This book that I have is a Oscar Wilde collection it has The Portrait of Dorian Gray in it and some other stories. It even has illustrations that are black and white. Sleepy Hollow was inspired but the older silent horror films which were black and white. So I'm thinking like have a black white grey silver wedding. Have everything in those colors it would really make the deep red pop. http://www.partydesignuk.co.uk/General%20Wedding%20Decor/images/Grey%20Silver%20Burgundy%205%20Head%20Candleabra.jpg http://weddingexpatstyle.files.wordpress.com/2008/02/isb_gray-and-red.jpg *sigh* not many other gray wedding photos on google images. Your wedding sounds awesome! Hope I helped and good luck!