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I'm in need for some ideas for a good outdoor (poolside, beach) wedding concept. Anyone have an idea?

Friends of us are planning to get married next summer. They are thinking of an outdoor wedding (poolside, beach) and are in need for some ideas for a good outdoor wedding concept. Anyone have an idea?


  1. well once they find and book their venue, that will all fall into place. first they have to make a guest list to know how large a venue they need. then they can look at those types of venues and see if they can afford it. if not, they have to cut people from the list and find smaller venues.
  2. You already have the concept: water/beach/pool side. If by the pool: I would suggest floating gardenias or other flowers in the pool Floating ice sculptures in the pool Petals on the fountain If by the beach -Adirondack chairs -Mini Adirondack chair or life guard towers to hold the table numbers My wedding was a beach wedding and we had shells as place holders with the name sprinted on a capiz shell. They were displayed on a wood boat with sand and mini-star fishes and an Italian mini-lace umbrella. here is the picture of it: http://i450.photobucket.com/albums/qq227/CORAZON123_photo/wedding026.jpg I designed our menu cards and also attached a capiz shell on it, everyone oohh--ahh on those. Here is the pic http://i450.photobucket.com/albums/qq227/CORAZON123_photo/wedding023.jpg I wanted to keep it tropical, so my bouquet was made of orchids. Here is a picture of my bouquet http://i450.photobucket.com/albums/qq227/CORAZON123_photo/November09baby005.jpg For my wedding cake, I wanted a "beach" feeling, but wanted to steer clear from the old and tired graham crackers "sand" and fondant shells, so we got a Belgian chocolate cigarellos cake with fresh orchids on top: http://i450.photobucket.com/albums/qq227/CORAZON123_photo/IMG_3703.jpg My colors were navy blue, sand beige and gold.. to keep it along with the beach concept. I hope that helps. Good luck
  3. Hi! Try this website on vacation weddings.
  4. Hi For a pool side wedding - I attended a late afternoon wedding where the couple chose the pool-side area of the master suite in a Thailand themed resort. The suite was an isolated 2 story Thai style villa with a huge master suite and 4 additional bedrooms. The back yard had a nice size private pool and a hot tub for 12 people. When looking at options for small wedding ideas, a pool-side party is truly a fun way to celebrate the best day of your life. Instead of walking down an aisle, the groom and bride walked along the poolside towards the altar. The ceremony was held next to the pool...http://www.wedding-ideas-and-more.com/small-wedding-ideas.html For a beach wedding - A friend of mine was engaged for several years before finally taking the plunge and getting married, so she and her fiancé wanted to avoid the anxiety that often occurs with large, elaborate ceremonies. They decided to have a small, casual wedding on the beach with only family members and very close friends present. I was one of the few friends invited to attend this beautiful event, and I...http://www.wedding-ideas-and-more.com/beach-theme-wedding-ideas.html Read about more Ideas at the website attached Hope I helped.