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Outdoor Home Wedding Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. What would be a really unique wedding gift that the bride and groom could keep forever?

    I have a friend that is getting married and I want to get or make her something that is very unique and that she will keep forever. I just can't come up with any ideas. Please help. They are both very outdoorsy and love bass pro shop, they are also into racing and work at a local track a lot.

  2. What is a beautiful, affordable outdoor venue for a wedding on Cape Cod?

    My fiancee and I have had to change our plans quite a bit, as our finances have drastically changed since we originally planned our wedding. She grew up in Brewster, Mass (mid-cape), and we just returned from vacation there. Watching her light up when she spoke of her years living out there, I had the idea of surprising her with a Cape Cod wedding, even though we were planning our wedding for our home in Buffalo. We really have a very small budget, so we may have to scrap the reception, instead pouring the money into the ceremony. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  3. I need ideas for decorations for an outdoor wedding?

    The colors are black & white and the wedding is in the mountains at a private home. I need some good inexpensive diy ideas for decorating. I have already got the basic candles and twinkle lights covered. Help!

  4. Perfect place for an outdoor wedding in Southern Illinois?

    I am looking for a beautiful location for an outdoor wedding in Southern Illinois. I live just south of Mt. Vernon and would like to keep it closer to home. Any ideas?

  5. What are some good ways to go green at a wedding?

    So far I have thought of: -using mass transportation from the reception site to the ceremony site and back. -using recycled paper for the invites and RSVPs, or just using the internet! -giving a tree seedling as the favor -Having an outdoor wedding and using natural lighting. Any more ideas?? No need for sarcasm! Going green should be simple, painless and not that noticeably different from our lives now! But you do bring up good points: -Wearing a hand-me-down, or used dress -buying antique or used rings.

  6. Where should we go for our second wedding and first honeymoon?

    My husband has asked me to marry him again. I have no idea where we should have our second wedding. Since we didn't get a honeymoon, where should we go? We have no interest in a beach ceremony or a beach honeymoon. Does anyone have any ideas? Please no rude answers. Thanks.

  7. How should I word my wedding invitation?

    I am having a very small ceremony for my immediate family and three months later I am having a big outdoor reception at my aunts home which I am inviting everyone to. How do I word the invites?

  8. What are some nice but portable decorations for an outdoor beach wedding?

    I need quick set up and take down stuff. I ready want this to look nice but be simple. I'm planning for the guest to sit on beach blankets but other then that have have nothing in mind so any ideas would be great. I really need this to be able to be sat up a few minutes before the wedding and be taken down right after the guest leave. It'll be south fl beach late afternoon early evening. I'm told its supost to be mild weather but warm weather around our date weather depending of course

  9. whats a good park in lexington ky to get married in?

    I'm from Michigan but we plan on having a outdoor ceremony in Lexington Ky,so far I have heard that the Gratz Park is a good spot for a wedding,any other ideas?Thank you.

  10. Planning a wedding on a budget any suggestions?

    My friend is planning her wedding and it is 6 weeks away. We are going to do everything ourselves but we have a limited budget and we don't live in a city that has a lot of wedding stores. Does anyone know some good wedding websites?

  11. What are some good activities to do with a 14 month old?

    I nanny for a 14 month old little boy and we are starting to run out of stuff to do that is fun and exciting. We go to the park and for walks quite often and I do not let him watch television during the day, but we are just running out of stuff to do. It is spring now so outdoor activities are welcome. He has plenty of toys that we play with but as all you parents and other nannies know, they seem to get boring after a while. Any advice will help! Thanks everyone!

  12. What are fun things to do with Chinese exchange students?

    My family is hosting two chinese students this summer. My teacher (who is running the program) has asked me to think of some fun things to do with all the students and some field trips to go on and i'm stuck on what to do! Any Ideas?

  13. What about an orange orchard for a wedding?

    Okay, so my fiance and I are getting married next fall. We were throwing around different ideas for an outside wedding and my mom's friend suggested we use her orange orchard for the wedding ceremony. Hoe do you think that would look? I do not want it to look redneck or anything...we want it to be classy. Any other suggestions??