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Elegant Church Wedding Decorations Questions Answered!

  1. What's your definition of a perfect wedding?

    I'm very interested in wedding's. The dresses, the location, the honeymoon. :) I'm not having one for a long time! I'm only 15, I just want to know what others thoughts are .

  2. How would you plan your wedding?

    I will be getting married within the next year or so and I need some opinions. I want to have a wedding and share it with my family; however, I'm thinking about saving all that money and doing it simple. I'm open to any suggestions anyone has. How did you do yours?

  3. How Helpful Has This Section Been to You?

    What kind of ideas have you seen that you thought fit really well with your wedding? What ideas have you seen suggested that totally do not fit with anything you would ever do for your wedding? Why did these things work or not work for you?

  4. How to have a wedding with a budget of $4000?

    I need to be able to accommodate at least 150 people on this budget. W both have large families so i could only cut maybe thirty people. Please help i am running out of ideas. Thank you in advance to all who answer.

  5. Is it possible to have a nice wedding with a budget of 10,000 or lower?

    Guest list is around 120 max. Not to sure what to do about music. I am not sure if we should use our I pod or hire a DJ. We are from glenwood springs colorado. Prices are a little higher around here.

  6. Do you have ideas on planning a wedding?

    hi im planning a wedding for june 2013 and need ideas on what to make for a menu on dinner it will be outside and decorations are a must. making unique invites, and planning for 80 people we want it to be special but not to much we are on a budget or 3,000 the place we are having it is free so thats not in the money cost thankfully. please send your ideas if you can maybe ideas of your wedding please and thanks :)

  7. How to make people understand my wedding is very unconventional?

    We are not getting married in a church, we are having a friend ordained, we are writing our own ceremony,, im having cotton candy machines and slushie machines, Im having something other than roast beef or chicken.....and I seem to be getting a lot of "Oh well why would you do that? Or why don't you do this? " How do I politely tell people its my wedding and kindly bugger off? See that's the problem. I don't care what they think, but people seem to feel the need to argue with me when something comes up. Im looking for a way to end the argument before it starts I am paying for it myself.....When did I mention I wasn't? I don't bring up my wedding, when people ask me, I answer them. But my answer is not up for debate or discussion. I actually had a potential guest get huffy with me when she asked me to hire her friend photographer and I told her I already had one. I have had yet another guest get in a tizzy. They asked me about my ceremony and I had said I am writing my own. THey asked why and I said because there is no emotional attachment to a traditional ceremony, somehow that turned into me thinking her wedding was unemotional and boring. I agree with the majority, Keep my mouth shut, and if they don't like it the day of, too damn bad. Also I honestly believe when they see the whole thing put together, they will be so impressed they wont even notice its "Different"

  8. How do people afford weddings?

    I've been researching venues, catering and everything, and am wondering how the heck people afford this? Do you take out loans? Or do people actually spend outrageous amounts of money directly out of pocket?

  9. Getting married in May and I need help on figuring out how to decorate it biker style but, still be elegant.?

    Our colors are lime green, black, silver, and white. We are bikers and the guys will be wearing blue jeans, white long sleeve shirts, and black leather vests. I also, would like to do some decorations to the church that resembles who we are. How can I go about and have 2 different styles (bikers and elegant) for a wedding and make it look great ?

  10. Any ideas on planning, decorating, and doing my own wedding?

    Hi me and my fiance is getting married in Oct. (tryin). We only have $3000 to spend. But I want a beautiful decorative elegant wedding. I want it to look like we spent a lot but maybe we could cut some corners. Any ideas or tips. Any ideas are wanted. Do it yourselves, crafts, suggestions, reception foods, service, pictures, anything. please.

  11. Any ideas for a wedding under $2000 in New Hampshire?

    Me and my fiance are tight on cash and my dad helped out a bit. Any ideas outdoorsy like?

  12. How do you plan a wedding on a tight budget.?

    I'm getting married in August and I'm on a very very tight budget. Does anyone have any cheap ideas to make it elegant?