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Pictures Of Church Wedding Decorations Questions Answered!

  1. What made a wedding memorable to you?

    I am looking for ideas to make my wedding memorable- What are some things that really stood out to you at weddings you have attended as being fun, cool, romantic, etc. Thanks!

  2. What's the average you spend on your wedding?

    I am planning on getting married maybe in the next year or two but it depends on the cost. I am undecided weather to get married in a church, outside by the beach (which mean I would have to have my wedding in another state) or outside somewhere nice. What would you recommend? What's the average you've spent on your wedding day? What would you recommend not to spend so much money on and what would you splurge on?

  3. Need pictures or suggestions for church decorations for a winter wedding with a snowflake theme?

    I'm not the craftiest in the world, so I'm struggling with this. Looking for something unique or different than just pew bows for my winter wedding with a snowflake theme. My colors are navy, light blue, and silver. I'm using lots of white lights at my reception, but dont know what to do for the church. Ideas are much appreciated... pics are even better. thanks!

  4. What does a courthouse marriage ceremony look like?

    I live in San Jose, CA and I am supposed to marry in about 2 weeks. We are on a budget and want to do it now so we decided the courthouse ceremony. I want to know from someone who has had their ceremony there, if it is plain and boring or if it is decorated and somewhat decent. I would love to see pictures if anyone has any. I just don't want it to be gloomy, I want it to be as beautiful as it can be. Thanks

  5. Where are you with your wedding plans? And when are you getting married?

    Just curious where everyone is with their wedding plans? We are marrying Sept 24. We are meeting a solo violinist and the person who will make our cupcakes this month in March. This summer we have to meet with the restaurant to make our menu, buy his suit, send out the invitations and then we are DONE! How about you? And if you want to tell exactly what you're planning, feel free. :)

  6. What to expect when trying on wedding dresses?

    What underwear should I wear to it? I'm going to bring ads of dresses i like, but not sure if there is anything else I'll need to let them know or anything.

  7. List of Things Needed For Church Wedding?

    I need a complete list of things I will need for a church wedding in such short time. We plan on getting married sometime this year May or June. So can you guys please help me out? Thanks and God Bless!

  8. How does one take beautiful wedding pictures when one lives near Detroit?

    Detroit. One of the most terrible places on earth. This sure isn't California. http://static.twoday.net/mahalanobis/images/detroit2.jpg

  9. Any cheap wedding and reception ideas?

    I just got engaged and I find myself lost on planning a "cheap" wedding and reception. I have thought about just getting married at the court house and having a big reception to keep costs down. My guy and I have been together for 7 years and we have 4 children so we need to save as much money as possible, any suggestions????