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Church Wedding Decorations Photos Questions Answered!

  1. Does anyone know of any reasonably priced places to have our wedding and reception in Chicago?

    We're having a small wedding (about 65 people) and some of the places I've looked at have 100 guest minimum. Also, neither of us are religious, so a church wedding would mean nothing to us.

  2. Any Thoughts on what to think of for my last week before my wedding and honey moon?

    I have 9 days til my wedding and honeymoon. Maybe somebody has some suggestions for things that you forget about til last minute. I have a lot already like Hotels booked, wedding dress ready, all the big stuff but I want to think of the little things.

  3. Anyone know of any places in the Augusta, GA that I can have a wedding and a reception in the same venue?

    I'm planning on getting married next year and we are on a really tight budget. Any other advice that I could get about the catering, cake, flowers, decorations, etc would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance

  4. Does anyone have any ideas on what to do with our wedding cards?

    I have saved our wedding cards (about 50), and would like to do something special with them... but I'm not really a scrapbooker. Although something along those lines would not be out of the question, I just don't know what to do. What could I do with them- either just parts of the cards, or the whole cards, I really don't care. Any ideas? Thanks~ No, I guess I wasn't specific enough... I mean the cards we RECEIVED from people... that have notes written inside from loved ones, etc...

  5. Can the Sacrament Meeting room in an LDS Meetinghouse be used for civil weddings?

    This would be for a couple that wherein one or both are recent converts and cant get sealed in the Temple yet or in my case, I want to have a wedding my non-Mormon family can attend in addition to being sealed in the Temple.

  6. Did your husband do anything in your wedding?

    Did he help with any planning or picking out dresses or save the dates?I've heard many times and seen on TV that the groom just shows up and the women do most of the planning.I'm just curious, did your husband do anything?

  7. Any ideas for the decoration for my vintage wedding?

    I don't want Indie styled, but I want it lacy and old-fashion I guess. Not quite Victorian though. Help?

  8. What are some other uses for lavender buds to use at our wedding?

    I originially wanted to have a "Rice throwing" but using Lavender instead of rice to throw at our wedding; however, the problem is that we're not actually going to be leaving the church before the guests as we will be taking pictures in the chapel as well as around the church grounds. I have already bought the Cones to house the lavender, ribbons and lavender buds -- any other good ideas of when, where or how to use these items? just a point to add, i don't really want to do the typical "lavender buds in a sachet" - so looking for any other creative ideas!

  9. How do u throw the best party ever?

    I want to invite 10-15 people to my party and im a 14 girl just so u have an idea of what im into and i have some ideas but i just want to see how other people had the best party ever how can i keep it interesting and cool, snack ideas,and ect. But i dont wan tit to be lame so any ideas would be awesome oh yeah i cant invite guys over yet and the other thingbisbthat my house is small but i have a big backyard

  10. Planning-When should we have sorted various things out by?

    When should venue, officiant, decorations, dresses etc be bought or hired by? When do invites go out? Basically if you could outline a timeline for me, that would be greatly appreciated. I have no idea when I should start looking into various aspects of wedding preparation.

  11. How to plan a wedding on a budget?

    My boyfriend and i have to pay for our wedding ourselves. Does anyone know of any ways to plan a cheap wedding and save a lot of money? It's a christmas wedding to so I kinda want to stick with that theme