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Simple Church Wedding Decorations Questions Answered!

  1. How much would it cost me to have a simple wedding?

    Im wanting to get married, my budget is $3,000. Would that be enough to have a simple church wedding with no reception, no food and maybe like 50 guests? And what all needs to be done, like dress, flowers etc? A checklist would help. Also who is suppose to pay for the honeymoon the bride or both? Much Appreciated.....God Bless

  2. How much does a small wedding in the Philippines cost?

    How much would a small wedding in the Philippines cost? Doesn't have to be fancy or anything, but I would also like to know how much a fancy one would be also. Would have lots of her family there!

  3. How much would a wedding ceremony and a reception cost?

    kindly enumerate the items that are being paid for in a wedding ceremony and a reception and how much they would normally cost..please?!:]

  4. How should I decorate the aisle of the church I'm getting married at this summer?

    A lot of the aisle decorations I've seen online are great for outdoor weddings but I'm getting married in a church and I need to decorate the aisle. I don't want anything to look like a cheesy 80s wedding though (like tulle on the chairs). I also don't want to buy flowers for all the rows since that would cost a lot. Any suggestions?

  5. how much would a simple traditional wedding cost?

    my guy just wants 2 run off and get married i have never been married officially and neither has he. would settle for a wedding/reception at our farm still would love a church wedding. so how much more would us having a traditional church wedding cost?

  6. What kind of decor do you do for an indoor wedding ceremony?

    ---I'm not getting married in a church either, it's an old church that was turned into a night club. I want simple but chic not cheap. So no balloons or anything like that. ---And our wedding colors are dark red and dark purple, and the only flowers we are doing are roses, but I was hoping to not have to buy extra just for the ceremony.

  7. I am newly engaged and want to know how I can plan an elegant stress-free wedding?

    I have so many ideas and things that I want to do, but I want to be able to keep friends and relationships. I am getting married in Atlanta and just want some tips in whatever area. Decorations, planning, flowers, BM dresses, GM suits, etc. Any advice would be appreciated.

  8. Does anyone have pictures from a wedding that involves a tractor and hay rides?

    My friend wants to have a tractor hay ride for the bridal party from the church to the reception. We are trying to find a pretty was to decorate the hay and tractor. Anyone got any pictures?

  9. How do I start planning my wedding?

    It's 7 months away, and everyone says I should be planning it at least a year or two in advance. Where do I start? I'm having the dresses custom made. I've gone to a lot of sites and they have too many things to do for the wedding I have in my head.

  10. How to keep church carpet from clashing with wedding colors?

    My fiance and I have this church that we like almost everything about. However, she says that the carpet color doesn't match any of the colors she would want for our wedding. Is there not a way to hide the carpet or de-emphasize it somehow so that the colors wouldn't clash?

  11. What are some ways to cut wedding costs?

    I'm looking to save as much money as possible but still have a nice little elegant wedding.

  12. I am planning a surprise 25th wedding anniversary and vow renewal for my parents?

    I know that they want a party because I have discussed this with them in the past. Should I have a similar theme as their original wedding, recreating a very intimate and happy time for them, or should I go with the more traditional silver theme and make it more of a casual party. I know my parents would be happy with either but I need more opinions as my only other sibling is a child.