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Church Wedding Decorations Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. what are some ideas on how to make my own wedding decorations?

    i dont want tospend a lot on my wedding so i want to make some wedding decorations my self.. any ideas?

  2. What are the requirments for a garden wedding?

    I am torned between planning a church wedding or a garden wedding.

  3. How can I have a mexican theme wedding?

    I want a traditional wedding. I want wedding decorations like skulls and just mexican themed. my wedding color will be red. do you have any ideas on anything.. my invitations, cake, decorations or maybe a website that can help. thanks.

  4. My fiancé proposed I have no clue what kind of wedding I want?

    I dont know if I want a beach wedding with a maxi dress,or a church wedding with a big ruffled dress or a mermaid like dress with a long trail. How do you choose what kind of wedding you want? My fiancé says it's all up to what I want but I don't know!

  5. How much does it cost to decorate a church for the wedding?

    I am trying to figure out approximately how much it will cost for us to decorate the church for our wedding day. That is pretty much the only expense we will have for the actual wedding ceremony. Well, besides our personal attire and the rings of course! Can you give me an idea of what you spent on decorating your wedding if you got married at a fairly large church? We will handle the decor ourselves to save money (with the help of our bridal party decorating).

  6. Does anyone have any inexpensive wedding ideas to share with me?

    So im trying to plan my wedding. This is my second wedding the first one cost $8,000. Im not spending that much again. My fiancé suggested a courthouse wedding but we wud like a little something more but not expensive. So any ideas would be appropriated. Thank you.

  7. What is the guidelines for planning a wedding in 2 months?

    The Wedding is February 14, 2009 and I am just starting to plan, any details to help me make it the best wedding ever in a little of time? Thanks well I have the church and possibly the hall. I am using cds/mp3 player, and the guest list is small. What are some fun, fast, fancy and affordable decoration Ideas/food/etc. The budget is less than 1,000 dollars

  8. how much do you charge for decorating a church wedding?

    I'm decorating a church wedding that seats about 200 with chiffon fabric , columns and calla lilies, I'll have to rent columns, buy the fabric and the flowers are fresh too. I'll be needing about 50 yds of the fabric, I have no idea how to go about this, pls help

  9. Any good decoration ideas for a Valentine's Day wedding?

    I am getting married on Valentine's Day and need help with ideas for decorations, flowers and favors. My colors are Apple Red, Light Pink, and white.

  10. How to throw a great wedding on a super tight budget?

    My fiance and I have very little money but would like it to be special and we live in NW burbs of Chicago- anybody have any wacky ideas how to throw it all together?

  11. I need a good website with some wedding ideas?

    My best friend is getting married in September and has procrastinated on everything. I am now in charge of helping plan, by default, since I seem to be the only one worried about the time crunch. It is going to be a church wedding with an outdoor reception. Very informal. I need a website with some good ideas on favors, decorations, etc. Any suggestions?

  12. What would your idea of your dream wedding be?

    Add specifics that make your wedding stand out such as locations, colors, cake flavors, anything you can think of.

  13. How much money would a wedding cost?

    & whats involved in a wedding? Idk what a caterer is but I guess that must be there n the dress the brides maids the grooms suit n his men n food. Typically the scene is outside perhaps in a public seashore or garden or just in a family backyard. Rings???

  14. Has anyone out there been to/ had a wedding reception held in a church building?

    How did it work out? Were you still able to create a nice atmosphere for the reception? I know alcohol is a no-go, but I was planning on cutting out the booze anyway. Any thoughts, ideas, experiences?

  15. What do I need to know to be the wedding planner for a very close friends wedding?

    A very close friend of mine has asked me to be her wedding planner. Her budget is slim, but she has some great ideas and will definitely need to someone to have her back. Other than being there for her and helping with details, what do I need to know and do? Any hints or helpful advice you can offer?

  16. How to plan a memorable wedding on a tight budget?

    We are getting married this september, and we need everything but the church. We're on an extremely tight budget. I say skip the reception all together he says he wants a semi-formal sit down dinner with all the "traditional" reception values. We both have HUGE families... Any good centerpiece and favor ideas? Any ways to save will be greatly appreciated!