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Simple Wedding Centerpieces Questions Answered!

  1. Does anyone have any ideas for decorations for wedding centerpieces using 16" effiel tower vases?

    Does anyone have any ideas for decorations for wedding centerpieces using 16" effiel tower vases? No feathers please! Something simple.

  2. I need to make multiples of a simple sculpture that I will have to ship elsewhere. I need a durable material?

    I am trying to make a simple sculpture to use for my wedding centerpieces. The sculpture will be of an "om". The trick for me is that I live in one state and the wedding is in another. I'll make the sculptures at home and ship them to my wedding location. I also need to make this cost effective. I am afraid if I use plaster all the sculptures will break during shipping. Any other material ideas that won't cost too much?

  3. Will wildflowers work for my wedding or will they wilt and die?

    Were getting married in July and it's going to be a simple country wedding in a local park, with the reception at my parents house.. I would like to put wildflowers in vases on the tables for centerpieces do you think they will look okay or will they wilt? Thanks!

  4. Where can you buy a set of 3 cylindrical vases?

    I want to use 3 different sizes of glass cylinder vases for my wedding centerpieces but i dont want to pay more than $4 per vase. Thanks!

  5. Where can I buy a glass crystal floor vase - relatively inexpensive?

    I was at a friends house and playing with their dog when he jumped into a glass floor vase that they had, smashing it. I'd like to buy them a replacement, but I can't seem to find anything simlar to buy. The vase was glass but looked crystal. My friends said they got it at a wedding - it was a centerpiece and they were giving them away at the end of the night. I'd like to buy them a replacement, but I can't seem to find a crystal looking glass vase for a reasonable price. Since I know this was a wedding centerpiece and they had one on each table, I know they couldn't have been too expensive... Anyone know where I could find something like this to buy? Thanks.

  6. What's a nice and simple centerpiece for a table?

    I'm getting married and would like to make my own centerpieces. I have a few ideas, but need help. Does anyone have any unique ideas/directions for a centerpiece?

  7. Wedding centerpiece ideas to go with red linens?

    So I'm planning a mid summer wedding and the hall I'm using has red linens you can use for free. I'm trying to stay in budget so does anyone have any ideas for centerpieces I could use on red tablecloths in a hall? The hall is log interior with a dark stain. I want to try to keep it summery. I know it's going to be hard with red... What do you suggest?

  8. Fall wedding centerpieces that I can buy?

    Planning an Oct. wedding and don't want to have to make any centerpieces. Looking to stay as inexpensive as possible of course. More than likely something to put autumn leaves around.

  9. What should I use for a wedding reception centerpiece?

    My wedding is Saturday and I have yet to settle on decorations and centerpieces for the reception! I thought about using live goldfish as a centerpiece or something as simple as flowers in a nice vase. My colors are chocolate and ivory. Please help!!!

  10. Trying to plan a simple wedding, appreciate any advice?

    My boyfriend and I are planning on getting married in the next year and a half to two years. We don't have much money, so the simpler the wedding, the better. We still want it to be nice, though. I would appreciate any advice you can give us to assure a smooth wedding. Thanks!

  11. How can I save money toward a wedding and any inexpensive ideas?

    I have been engaged for a long time and want to have a wedding! I want it outdoors, and have some basic ideas. However, we are not financially well-off (nor is either family) and have a hard time saving money. Any ideas how to save, cut costs with photography, reception food, catering, etc. I appreciate any advice. What did you do for your thrifty outdoor wedding?

  12. What are some simple ideas for wedding cupcakes and their stands?

    I am having my cupcakes made by a family member, so I need so good picture examples of wedding cupcakes. I have some pictures, but not many. I also am debating wether I want individual cupcake centerpieces (to cut cost of additional centerpieces) for the tables, or if I want a cupcake tower seperately. I haven't found any examples of cupcake centerpieces for tables, just pictures of big cupcake towers... so I need some pictures or individual centerpiece's for tables. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

  13. How to set up table cloths and napkins in fall colors for wedding?

    Bridesmaid dresses are red. I was thinking linens be white, but how to incoorperate fall colors? Napkins colors? Centerpieces without flowers? I want a lot of fall things and colors but how to without looking tacky? Its a vfw hall and we are on a very low, tight budget.

  14. How do you keep the cost of a wedding down?

    My fiance and I just recently got engaged. We want to get married in a year to a year and a half. We have called about some places to have our wedding and a few places for the reception. It seems like the cost is adding up quickly though. What should we do? We want a wedding for about 120 to 150 guests. Do you have any suggestions on how to keep a wedding under $5000.

  15. My wedding budget it getting out of control! How do I save money on decorations?

    I just had a $3000 emergency pop up that had to come out of my wedding budget! How can I save money on everything from music, decorations, and my accessories?

  16. What is the best website for planning a wedding?

    I have been to so many different websites but none of them seem to really help me. I am interested in doing lots of DIY stuff for the wedding and just need planning help.My wedding is in June and I have only a handful of concrete plans. Any websites that you recommend??