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Simple Wedding Invitations Questions Answered!

  1. How to word a casual wedding invitation?

    I am helping a friend of mine plan her wedding, and need something simple for the wedding invitations. The wedding ceremony itself will be fairly small with only close friends family, held in the botanic gardens followed by lunch at a nearby restaurant. I'm wondering if details of the lunch and location need to be mentioned on the invitation? I would also appreciate any suggestions for invites for the after-ceremony drinks that are happening at the groom's parents house. Guests from the wedding will be invited along with other friends and colleagues that won't be attending the ceremony but as a very laid-back gathering is it still considered a reception?

  2. Anyone know which is the best Cricut product for wedding invitations?

    I want to make my own wedding invitations using a Cricut product. I have seen a lot used with the original Cricut and with the Cuttlebug. Anyone know which is better for making simple (but 200+) invites? Also which is the cheapest for the add-ons and whatever else I'll need. If anyone could post pics of invites they made using a Cricut product and which one they used would be helpful too!

  3. which is a good UK online shop with nice, high quality wedding invitations?

    I am after high quality (not just a piece of poorly painted paper with a ribbon) wedding invitations that do not cost a fortune but will impress our future guests. There seems to be quite a few UK based online shops with wedding invitations - but most of the invitations look very simple and uninteresting. So could you recommend a website that you, or your friends, used to buy wedding invitations and were happy with, taking into account cost, communication, quality of the invitations etc? I am after around 80 invitations. Thanks.

  4. Should I incorporate the silver on my wedding invitations into my wedding colors?

    My colors now are brown, yellow, and white. I bought these wedding invitation kits at a mega clearance deal. They have this silver border on it and I don't know what to do to style up the invitation. I'm trying to make it more modern. I'm thinking just a simple ribbon on top punch holed in.

  5. How can I make my own animated wedding invitation? Where can I get the software for this?

    I want an animated digital wedding invitation. Like a cartoon as to how we met until our engagement. Pleeeease help! I need all the info I can get! Thank you!!!

  6. How can I word the wedding invitations?

    My dad died last year, so what is a nice way to word our wedding invitations with just my mom and his parents?

  7. How much would it be to mail a small wedding invitation from America to Serbia?

    I can't find anything online, and I will call the post office when need be. Just want to go by an estimate right now. I don't know weight very well, but think about it, it's a card. Like a birthday card, only a wedding invitation, and that's it.

  8. Which is better in making a wedding invitation, Photoshop or Illustrator?

    I am tasked to make a future wedding invitation for my sister and I don't want to make her a simple invitation. Instead, I am thinking of a "not-so-graphic-intensive" invitation. And by not-so-graphic-intensive invitation, I mean not the plain white paper, little design and more on words, but also not the poster type (many drawings and elements, retro-looking, and other modern stuff). She does not want her and his boyfriend's photo present in the invitation as it is too common in our country, making photoshop not really the ideal editing tool. But, she does not want a simple invitation. She wants to stand out from the others while not looking like a kid's party invitation. So I am going to resort in floral designs and old-paper looking design. To be honest, I already made them an invitation and I am quite satisfied with the results. This morning, I stumbled upon a site that talks about Adobe Illustator. It completely bummed me when the author stated that I can do better invitations with Illustrator. I tried to google other reviews but my confidence went down when other reviews said that Illustrator is better by miles when it comes to invitation making. After making a google picture search for sample invitations done with Illustrator, I'm not really impressed. But my instincts tells me that I can do better than those sample invitations. So depending on my situation, would you recommend Illustrator for me, or will I just stick to Photoshop? As for the price, I will not really buy the Illustrator as It is already present on my dad's laptop. I heard you can copy adobe softwares as long as it is not more than 4, 5 or higher. So yeah. Thanks in advance! :)

  9. Do you think the color of the envelops for wedding invitations matter much?

    Do you think the color of the envelops for wedding invitations matter much? I think white is OK. What about your opinions? I think I am crazy about wedding stationery recently as my best friend and my sister will marry soon. LOL

  10. What file should I use to send an invitation?

    Lately I have been receiving invitations to birthday parties, meetings; baby showers, snack bar and ceremonies, but all lack a professional quality. Most of the invitations are made in Microsoft word then sent over without so much as converting the file into something appropriate. And what I receive is a mediocre invitation to an office lunch with the bosses. Baby showers don't hide from the embarrassment with their cut and paste into publisher and sending the file over, and again, without converting it into something descent. And last my favorite, a wedding invitation as beautiful as can be sent over online like a cheap Christmas card. But at least the bride and groom had the decency to make it into a .pdf file how nice :). However the deed is still done and I cannot find a suitable file that looks professional enough to send invitations over the internet without looking like a fool. Does anyone know a file that can make an invitation look great? Hopefully a file that (when clicked) the invitation pops up without any menus or the address you took it from nor will it need Microsoft media gallery to view it nor anything else at that matter. Just a simple 1280X720 image in your screen that pops up and a transparent X to close it when you are done reading it. No borders, no IP addresses, no WWW's, no nothing just a simple invitation in the middle of your screen when clicked. Does anyone know of any programs that do that? if the answer is no, than may I suggest that whatever computer wizard is looking at this message right now should get started on making such a program cause I know I would (or any company at that matter) pay to have their invitations sent over online looking professional and refine. No jpegs please. jpegs are still used by MS photo previwer. I know some of you are going to say "just use jpeg" the point is to have it look professional.

  11. What all gets sent with the wedding invitation?

    I am making my own wedding invitations. Besides the invitation, reception card, and RSVP card; what else gets sent with the invite? Thanks for all the great answers! Does anyone know where i can find a sample hotel and direction card? Or is this just done on paper? I don't want anything tacky looking. I have spent so much time on invites... Oh and don't worry... I'm not including a gift registry. We aren't even doing one at all.

  12. Wedding etiquette for who I invite to the wedding?

    I'm making a rough draft of who i would like to invite to my wedding. I want to invite everyone I think I should invite out of courtesy but I don't want to have a large wedding because I would like a fairly simple wedding, not a cheesy wedding, but I just don't want a very large crowd. Is there proper etiquette for who i should invite? So people will understand if they aren't invited...I'm thinking about 100-150, but I don't even know how that compares to large/average weddings.. How much is too much? How much is average?

  13. Is it considered acceptable form to send a simple card-style wedding invitation?

    My fiance' and I are paying for our own wedding. To keep things simple, we decided to go with a simple card-style invitation. There is no inner envelope, no response card...I am going to include a map to the ceremony. Is this acceptable or will our guests see this as cheap?