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Indoor Wedding Design Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. What are some fun family things to do in rainy weather?

    Okay schools out Wednesday and my husband and I took the rest of the week off to take our 6 year old son some really fun places...Well guess what they are calling for rain not one day but Wed Thur Sunday. How wonderful.. Anyway I really want to do some fun things. Any ideas?? We still may plan to go to the zoo early and maybe the rain will hold off.

  2. i need lots of ideas for indian wedding theme?

    i need lots of ideas for indian wedding theme? can anyone give me some wedding theme ideas?, i mean what colours etc should be used to decorate the wedding hall.

  3. Rochester, ny photo op for wedding?

    I am looking for a spot for wedding pictures and am having trouble getting the right idea. I also dont want to have to pay a large sum of money to something that we already pay taxes too. So if anyone has any suggestions for the rochester area the closer to greece the better indoor or outdoor it would be much appreciated thanx again TD

  4. Nice, cheap place to get married?

    I am getting married in Oct-Nov of this year and my husband is from Houston so he wants to have the wedding there but doesnt know of any place to have it.... It will be an INDOOR wedding, under 100 people. List resources please, or at least a website that i can see the place you are talking about. thanx I already did the courthouse thing, he's in Iraq and when he gets back i get my big wedding...so any ideas? my husband is christian, i wasnt raised with a church so it doesnt really matter to me. He's in the military now and i dont think he belongs to a church anymore...

  5. I cant decide to have a winter or spring winter wedding....Which one is better?

    I cant decide to have either a winter or spring wedding??? Which months are best?

  6. ideas on what to wear to a wedding?

    i have my bf's sisters wedding this summer and i dont know what to wear please help pictures would be great :) im 5ft 4 ... not skinny and i have ginger hair with blonde highlights

  7. Shoe suggestions for a dress I'm making?

    I'm making a dress to wear to a wedding on the 23rd. It's an indoor wedding, so heel height isn't an issue. The dress is this pattern (http://simplicity.com/dv1_v4.cfm?design=4070) only the neckline will be altered to go straight across. The color is a pale blue with a gold lace overlay (it's a soft gold, rather than a bright shimmery gold), and a sash in a bronze color. I'm not sure what color shoes to go with. I'm wearing off white pearls to accent, so I could go with anything from gold, off white, tan, bronze... it's pretty versatile. I'm looking to spend under $30, but I'll go up to $50. Ideas and links appreciated!

  8. Need help with wedding colors?

    We are having a fall wedding in Nebraska and we have chosen to have chocolate, brown, and cream as our wedding colors. We are getting married outside and having an indoor reception. Do I need to have a color that "pops"? We plan on having the guys in cream shirts with brown pants, and the girls in dark chocolate dresses with cream and white flowers. I am just afraid it is all going to look very dark. Need some suggestions and criticism...

  9. I Need Wedding Decoration Ideas That Go With Cornflower Blue And Canary Yellow?

    I'm gettin married in July. I'm having a church ceremony and a indoor reception. My wedding colors are cornflower blue and canary yellow and i'd also like to incorrporate guava (pinkish coral color) in there to break in up a bit. I need ideas and websites on wedding reception decoration ideas...Centerpieces, lighting, flowers and even cake design...please please please...I dont want to spend a fourtune in the process but i want it to look absolutely gorgeous!

  10. Wedding Idea!?

    Ok this is my idea and i need some ideas for it....I am having a fairytale wedding and would like to turn an indoor recption hall area into a castle...I want to make it look like a castle on the inside.....I was thinking of maybe buying fabric and coving the walls with fabric, then adding lots of lights, and adding things such a butterflys and fairys on the wall what else could I do to make it look like a castle on the inside?

  11. Wedding Financial Help!?

    Had a court ceremony due to military and are ready for the real wedding. Based our budget on our parents weddings and it turned out to be outdated and impossible for what we wanted. How much do people normally spend on weddings? How do you make a budget? Every budget we make up is just a shot in the dark. We researched that the average wedding is 23k and that can't be true! We don't want to spend over 9,500 and wonder if that is a good price for a wedding of our size (80 people). It isn't fancy or extravagant and is a only family affair. Are we hitting the right range here?

  12. Wedding ideas?cost? design?

    Okay so we have the basics down, i have my gown, we have picked out bridesmaid dresses, we know what colors we want to use and what church my problem is getting a reception at a reasonable cost due to our budget. I have so many questions and so little time..by the way i am the bride to be on his account..okay what should i be looking for in a reception hall..space.cleanliness.cost..?Then we live in pa and our planning an april wedding..so it may still be cold..so we should probably make the food hot/warm my mom has agreed to cook for the wedding but what should we make that is elegant yet affordable..we have children so we are thinking of a dry wedding no open bar..but should we have champagne at our table and soda for everyone else is that too tacky?now dj's are they necessary? or is a mixed cd from our hearts just as sentimental with maybe a microphone and a friend to announce entrance and such acceptable? please help..anything i have missed please feel free to leave advice!

  13. Indoor areas for wedding photos in Warren/Detroit area (MI)?

    My sister is getting married in a little over a month, the park we were initially going to George George park but they close their gates at 3pm, so that is out of the question. We need a place that is open until after 6, closer to 7pm on Saturday November 17th. We are looking for something indoors, but we have no idea where to even begin. We looked at the DIA but again we are running into the same problem, they close at 5pm on Saturdays. Any suggestions for our area would be a lot of help. Thank you in advance!

  14. Ideas for a St Patrick Day Wedding.?

    Looking for ideas for a Pattys day wedding. We are have a small ceremony with most of the focus on the reception. Basically I DO I DO....LETS PARTY! Probably gonna have it out doors weather permitting but Ideas for indoor and out door are requested. THANKS!!