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Simple Wedding Gowns Questions Answered!

  1. Why do people get upset when a married woman wants to wear a wedding gown for her vowel renewal?

    I am going to renew my vows next year for my 30th anniversary and I am wearing a simple white wedding gown. Why is this any different than a woman that is getting married for the 2nd or 3rd time and wearing a white gown.

  2. Best way to clean a vintage satin wedding gown?

    I recently wore my grandmother's satin wedding gown and unfortunately got blue ink from a stamp pad on it. What is the best way to clean 75 year old satin without damaging it further? The dress itself is very simple. I don't want to dry clean because it's so harsh.

  3. where do i find a factory that supplys boutiques with wedding gowns?

    I want to buy and sell wedding gowns and accessries.

  4. What are some good websites to find simple wedding gowns?

    I've looked at many, many websites and gowns and I'd like to see more. I just haven't found "the"perfect dress yet.

  5. What is an appropiate dress to wear during a 2nd wedding?

    Both bride, and groom were married once before. Does anyone have any links to appropriate wedding gowns in this situation. We want as close to a traditional wedding gown as possible.

  6. Where can I purchase items for my wedding that will match my davids bridal Lapis color?

    I am getting married and i'm doing a DIY wedding but i'm trying to coordinate my reception with my Davids Bridal wedding gown Sash, which is Lapis, like an eggplant purple or plum but I can't find anything near that type of purple. I'm doing my centerpieces and I need some major help. Does anyone know how to make simple ones using silk flowers? If any of you DIY'ers have any pictures of your own centerpieces can you please post a pic up.. For some ideas. Thank you!

  7. how to style my natural african hair for my wedding?

    Im black african with longish (when straightened) natural(kinky) hair.I am getting married in August and prefer to wear my hair natural, instead of weaves, braids plaiting etc. But cant figure out the best style which will look elegant and beautiful. My wedding is the civil one in August and i am not wearing wedding gown but simple nice dress.

  8. What about my Nighttime Spring Wedding?

    I'm planning a wedding for June 19th and I've been wanting to do it at night. I also have decided to go with a simple red dress instead of a full out wedding gown. Does anyone know where I can go online to find a nice little cocktail dress or something like it? Also, What is a good idea for favors that kind of fit the nighttime theme?

  9. For the pretty bride, what designs of wedding dress do you want to wear on your wedding day?

    For the handsome groom, what designs of wedding gown do you want to see your bride is wearing?

  10. Is it okay to wear a light beige dress to a wedding?

    I know we cant wear a white dress or one that might be confused as a wedding gown, but is it okay to wear a light beige dress? its almost like a very light khaki. its a fairly simple cocktail dress (comes to the knees), I was thinking of wearing it with blue or red shoes & earings.. would that still be bad?

  11. Would it be appropriate for a women to wear a wedding gown when?

    My beloved and I are getting married in a few months. It's my 2nd and her 3rd marriage. It's going to be in a Judges chambers with maybe 10-12 guests. Recently my beloved decided she wanted to wear her old wedding dress. When I saw it I fell in love with it. Do you think it's appropriate to wear at a ceremony in a judges chamber? Will we get any funny looks?

  12. Are there any interesting places to work at in Winnipeg for a 20 year old?

    I need a job and I don't want a job I loath, so do you have any suggestions? Hopefully something that keeps me interested and that is fairly simple but fun too. I have worked at both Smitty's and Safeway already and they were both a bigger drag than a wedding gown.

  13. What makeup and jewelery goes with a red gown?

    I'm going to be a bridesmaid at my cousin's wedding. The gowns are long and red. Mine is one-shouldered and slinky, with a slit up one side, and silver/crystal decorations on the strap and on the opposite side. Shoes are silver and strappy, with 3 inch heels. What jewelery and makeup would go with this? I normally don't wear much makeup, just lipstick, but I think red lippy would be too much, so I have no idea what to use. Also, any ideas for my hair? Mine's medium-length and straight.

  14. Does anyone know of a designer who designs dresses with detachable skirts?

    I'm looking for a dress that is fairly simple (although some detail like a little lace and beading is preferable) with a plain detachable skirt I can take off for the reception? JCPenny had a wedding gown like this but it was completely plain and looked more like a bridesmaid gown.

  15. How much would a simple wedding cost me?

    nothing extra... just a wedding and a receptioon with a light meal and cake. i dont have much money to work with so i just need to know what i can get away with. someone recently told mem 20 to 30 thousand and i freaked out lol!

  16. How to improve a wedding dress? Make an off the rack dress stunning?

    I want a drop-dead stunning wedding gown. the price is just too much and i haven't found a dress does that for me. so i heard of a wedding book that got rave reviews for listing ways to dress up an off the rack to make it one of the kind. I was hoping someone would know the books name. Suggestions would be great too. I really want everyone's mouths to drop when they see my dress.