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Simple Wedding Cakes Questions Answered!

  1. How do you make a boxed white cake taste better like for a wedding cake.?

    I am going to make a simple wedding cake and need to make the white box mix taste better any suggestions

  2. What do you think of a heart shaped wedding cake?

    I plan to have a simple three tier heart shaped wedding cake. I plan to have red roses and glass couple figurine on top. I probably will have heart shaped one layer cakes as well. Does it sound too traditional or unique?

  3. How do I create a floral arrangement for the top of a wedding cake?

    I'm interested in making my own simple floral arrangements for the tops of the 6" and 9" tiers of our round wedding cake in an effort to save a little money. What is the best way to do this without the flowers wilting before it's time to cut the cake?

  4. Why are wedding cakes so expensive?

    I am currently planning my wedding, while shopping for a wedding cake I have been quoted up too $6.00 a slice making my cake cost more than $800 and up to $1200.00 after all the fees they charge. I can make a cake but I can't decorate it, and making a cake does not cost near these prices. Any suggestions?

  5. Wedding cake recipes for frosting and tips on decoration?

    i have to make my first wedding cake in a couple weeks and really am starting to panic and second guess myself, if you guys could give me some tips for the frosting or for the decorations (simple please) i would really appreciate it!

  6. Is there more then one recipe for Mexican Wedding Cakes?

    If you don't know what Mexican Wedding Cakes are please don't answer this question. Let me be a little more specific. I am very familuar with the recipe we have made these cookies every christmas my whole life and before I was born my family was making them. What I am asking is if there is another recipe refered to as Mexican Wedding Cakes that isn't anything like the cookie. I don't want to make it, it is just to settle a discussion with someone.

  7. How much is a wedding cake from Deerfields Bakery?

    I'm looking for a good place to get a wedding cake from. I looked at Deerfields website but I couldn't find prices. If anyone knows a good place to get a wedding cake that isn't too expensive, please tell me. It would have to be around the Chicagoland area. Thanks :)

  8. What do u think of incorperating college into wedding cake?

    Mÿ fiance and I are getting married in june 2012 on a $4500 budget so I am doing a lot of the wedding myself to save money. Were expecting right around 150 guests. So I recently had the idea of almost a mock cake off. I would post flyers at the local campus looking for experienced culinary students to each make me a wedding cake and whoever wins gets a cash prize This way I could save some money and still have a nice wedding cake. What's your opinion?

  9. when making decorations for a wedding cakes how long do they last?

    i need to make a wedding cake for my gcse cooking, and do i need to make them all in one day or other a period of a week. and any one got any nice designs they perticular like or actly how to make one. thank you. xx i also want to know how to make you own wedding topper like this... http://www.icingonthecakeuk.co.uk/ ( the first picture down)

  10. What should I pay for a wedding cake?

    I have a really tight budget for my wedding. There are only about 30 people on the guest list, and it will be really casual (NO SHOES ALLOWED) and on the beach. How much should I pay for a relatively simple wedding cake decorated with seashells?

  11. what kind of modeling clay can I buy to make wedding cake toppers?

    I am trying to save some money and make our wedding cake toppers. I would like them to be two little people versions of ourselves :) What kind of modeling clay would be best and food safe?

  12. Does everyone have a wedding cake topper or is it optional?

    My future mother in law wants to take me to look at wedding cake toppers. I wasn't even sure that people used those anymore. Is that too old fashioned or do people do that a lot still? I've been to a few weddings recently and I haven't seen them.

  13. Can u use store bought cake mix to make a wedding cake?

    It's a 2 tiered cake and not anything super fancy, a friend and I decided to take this on because another friend was not able to afford a cake. ( so no mean remarks about how qualified we are please ) Its a simple beach wedding with only a few guests so the cake does not have to amazing, I would, however like It to b nice. Thanx 4 the help!

  14. where can I find a wedding cake class near Hyattsville, MD?

    Hi .I would really like to get a degree or a certification in baking cakes, more precisely wedding cakes. I have no real experience in the matter but I do bake simple cakes at home and for friends. Right know I do not have enough money to start a proper university education. I was wondering if one can find a job in a bakery and progressively learn from chefs.

  15. How much does it cost to make your own wedding cake?

    A simple 3 tiered wedding cake. I've never made one before and I'm being entrusted to. I'm doing it as a gift, but I'd like to know about how much it costs. Thanks! This isn't my cake, I've already got someone to do mine. A friend of mine wants me to make her cake. I can do it, I just was wondering the cost.

  16. What is the best secret to keep the creamy frost over cake smoothly?

    I am planning to make a wedding cake for my friend and they both don't have big piggy banks. I will make it simple and elegant. I don't to make it lumpy or look unprofessional.

  17. Can i use white fluffy icing or 7 minute frosting for very simple wedding cake?

    i will use super moist chocolate cake and its three layer...if its possible to use white fluffy icing or 7 minute frosting , can u give me the exact recipe n procedure? i like this icing cuz its not too sweet...pls help