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Simple Wedding Dresses Questions Answered!

  1. How to add a lace overlay to a simple wedding dress?

    I want to add a lace overlay to a simple wedding dress to make it beautiful. I need instructions. Please step by step. and a website with more tips and instructions on adding the lace to dress.

  2. what style is better for a wedding dress?

    i want a simple wedding dress but dont know what kind of style?

  3. How much should you take into account your fiancé's opinion on your wedding dress?

    I'm getting married in a rainforest. I was planning on getting a simple, strapless, flowy wedding dress. However, my fiancé has recently told me that he's always pictured me in a huge, poofy ballgown! I'm going dress shopping soon, and now I don't know what to do! Do I go with what I want or what he wants?!

  4. Is it appropriate to marry in church with a simple wedding dress?

    Pass my big day in church is my dream from childhood. But i don't like wedding dresses with mermaid or very formal. I love short white one. But i don't know if its appropriate to the scene. Beg for your advice. Thanks.

  5. What should my groom wear to the wedding?

    Hey. I am getting married in may of next year. I plan on wearing a simple white wedding dress. But i can figure out what my husband should wear. He doesnt like tuxs, and he would rather not wear a suit either. would it be wrong for him to wear dress pants and wear dress shirt? I am still debating. There will only be about 100 people, and this is close friends and family. I have alot of immediate family. Any sugguestions would be helpful.

  6. should you wear a wedding gown in las vegas chapel?

    My soon to be mother-in-law questioned me about buying a formal wedding gown that she said that I should have boutgh a simple wedding dress instead of a gown since its only a civil wedding in las vegas chapel. chapel or church is there any attire to be follow? It's my wedding!

  7. Where do I go if I have an original design for my wedding dress that I want custom made?

    I have a simple design for my wedding dress. Nothing complicated at all, just my own personal design. Do I just go to any bridal shop and ask them to custom make a dress? Or do I have to find someplace else?

  8. Having a simple wedding and need ideas for clothes?

    We are getting married by the justice of the peace and just want to have a simple wedding with parents, grandparents, brothers, and sisters invited. We do not want to wear a tux and wedding dress, but we do want to be dressed nicely. So i was wondering if anyone had ideas of what to wear and maybe a website where i could look at some nice clothing. Thank you.

  9. How much would getting a wedding dress made cost?

    I want to have a wedding dress made for myself instead of buying one. I want it to be custom to my body shape and my design. Its nothing really fancy at all, im a pretty simple non-frilly, fluffy person. But anyway how much would having a dress made cost? Please tell from the smallest price to the largest price just so I can get an estimated idea.

  10. How can I keep my wedding dress clean?

    My wedding is a year from now, I'm planning on making my own wedding dress (Totally cool right?) and I'm worried about it getting dirty, white turning yellow, stuff like that. Its gonna be a simple dress, but I have three cats and a dog I REALLY don't want them finding away to snuggle on top of it. Should I just put it in like a plastic bag? Or what?

  11. Can anyone help with my beach wedding dress?

    Apart from the obvious (Monsoon, debenhams, BHS, littlewoods etc) are there any other high street shops that i could purchase for my beach wedding. I have 13 weeks (Getting married on 30th July 2009) in Barbados. My dream is to have a basic/ simple silk wedding dress, A-line or empire. Thanks

  12. Ideas for a dress to wear at reception?

    My fiance and I are going to have a civil ceremony and a reception/celebration sometime after. For the reception/celebration, can I wear a simple wedding dress, like a sheath dress? Any ideas? Thanks!

  13. What is a creative way to present a wedding dress book?

    I have to do a presentation about a book I read pertaining creativity and I read a book on wedding dress design. I dont want to do a simple powerpoint and was looking for some fun and creative ideas on how to present this book.

  14. Is it okay to wear a "formal" wedding dress for a simple, private wedding?

    I am having a very simple wedding in December where less than 20 people will be attending. Is it okay for me to wear a long wedding dress or do I need a shorter, for informal one?

  15. Where can I find a black and white wedding dress by Halloween?

    I have looked online for black and white wedding dresses but im scared to buy to online and it not fit right. I am new to SD and don't know many places. Where in san diego ca can i find a store that will carry a black and white wedding or quinceanera dress for a decent price? Please don't reply with look in a phone book its not that simple.

  16. where can i find good deals on a wedding dress in Los Angeles?

    My sis is getting married soon, she's having a simple wedding. We know LA has good deals, but is there specific shops or streets that have variety?

  17. Where should I get my wedding dress from?

    I am trying to decide on where to get my wedding dress. I would like to keep it under $300 if possible and am looking at very simple designs. I am planning on actually getting a white or light colored bridesmaids dress that I like. Does anyone have any suggestions of where to look besides David's Bridal. I like their stuff I just want the option of looking around at a few more places first. Thanks! ps. We are in the Dayton/Cincinnati area