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Diamond Wedding Rings Questions Answered!

  1. How would I go about selling an old diamond wedding ring and diamond watch?

    I have my old diamond wedding ring and diamond watch Im looking to sell but I wanna get a fair price for it since Im not in dire straits t sell it. Say the ring I have is worth $5,000, what do you think is a realistic price I could expect to get?

  2. I need price list for diamond wedding band set?I am trying to find companies who diamond cut wedding rings ?

    I need price list for diamond wedding band set?I am trying to find companies who diamond cut wedding rings ?

  3. What is the best website to buy a nice but affordable wedding ring for a women?

    Looking for a single diamond wedding ring to replace the double ring set I have now.

  4. How would I go about selling a diamond ring to a jeweler?

    I have a diamond wedding ring that I want to sell, I know that I can send it to kay but they will only pay for the gold, it has 8 little diamonds in it too, that I would also like to be paid for. Can I take it to the local kay store and they will buy it? (paying me for the gold AND diamonds?) I know that I will take a big loss on it, and that is fine.. but I'd like to be paid for the diamonds too. If this can be done, how do I do it?

  5. Where to get best price for diamond ring 2011?

    I want to sell my 14k gold and diamond wedding ring. I know not to expect anywhere near it's worth, but I'd like to get the most I can. The appraisal says it's $6000, but that was 14 years ago. With the price of gold now is it realistic to think I could get $2000? Jeweler or pawn shop? Consignment store?

  6. where can i sell my diamond ring for the most money?

    I have a men's white gold diamond wedding ring. Where can I sell it and get the most money?

  7. What is a really good way to clean silver rings?

    There NOT like diamond wedding rings! it just little cheap silver metal rings. I need a good way to clean them. (with out going to a jewelry store) i have 4 and 1 of them has a pink gem in the middle. little help here? thanx...

  8. How many women have real diamonds for their wedding rings?

    How many women actually have real diamonds for their wedding rings and how many get a cheaper version just for the bling value?

  9. How can I finance an engagement ring if I have 640 score credit?

    I want to buy my wife a diamond wedding ring but my credit is compromised with my student loans.

  10. can anybody direct me to trusted jewellers in manila who accept custom-made wedding ring?

    we are planning to buy moissanite stones to replace the expensive diamonds in wedding rings, but i dont know where to bring these stones in Manila and the design of ring that we want? Help please.

  11. Can i change my gold/diamond ring into white gold or silver?

    I want to turn my gold and diamond wedding ring into silver

  12. How much can I sell my diamond ring to a jeweler for?

    I currently have a diamond engagement/wedding ring with a GAL certificate that appraises the retail value at $4,100. I'm hoping to sell the ring to a jeweler... I was curious if anyone would know how much I can expect to be offered for the ring?

  13. What's the difference between these two rings and why is the price difference so significant?

    Walmart is notorious for having low-quality products for low prices. You get what you pay for. But I've heard good things about their jewelry, it seems like they have a lot of positive reviews for them. My fiance really likes this ring, but I'm wondering if we'd regret buying it. At the price, I guess it wouldn't make too much difference if it just fell apart after a while, but I have to wonder what really makes the price so significantly different? This is the one from Walmart: http://www.walmart.com/ip/Men-s-Diamond-Accent-Ring-in-Tungsten/21836944 This one is from Robbins Bros: http://www.robbinsbrothers.com/Wedding-Rings/Diamond-Wedding-Ring/Robbins-Brothers-i33860.ring Same material, roughly the same diamond size, almost identical rings. The diamond clarity/color can't possibly be so different in such a small piece, can it? The only issue I can think of is that the diamond may be more likely to fall out, but...that seems like less than a $250 fix, am I wrong? I'm leaning towards getting the cheaper one since they can't be resized and it would be easy to replace later on in life if necessary. Thoughts? Advice? Ideas? Thank you in advance!

  14. Is it true that diamonds less than 1 carat doesn't come with certificates?

    I just bought a man's diamond wedding ring at Kevin's Jeweler in the mall (A decent jewelry branch in California). The sales told me that it's a 1/3 carat weight natural diamond, D class, probably between VS1-SI2 clarity with fair cut. When I asked for the certificate, they told me that they don't issue one for diamonds that are small. They only offer 2-years warranty. Is it true that diamonds that are small doesn't come with a certificate? Or is this a scam?

  15. How do you choose an engagement ring and wedding ring

    How does this work? I'm not quite sure on the whole engagement ring/wedding ring thing. Are you suppose to buy a diamond engagement ring and another diamond wedding ring, or do you buy a diamond engagement ring and a wedding ban for your bride? Help!!!

  16. Ladies would you sign a prenup? If not do you realize why this makes you a gold digger?

    If diamond wedding rings are a womans best friend, then I know fa damn sho a prenup is a man's best friend.

  17. Does anyone feel like Weddings is all about the size of the engagement ring?

    I don't understand why most women are obessed with getting a big diamond wedding ring..? I would be happy if the one I love gave me a cherrio or an onion ring or a plastic one.