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Free Wedding Design Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. What is the best site for wedding ideas and why?

    I want to break into the wedding design business so really like to know the best site for wedding ideas as far as design, arrangement, etc. Thanks.

  2. What are some good wedding websites that give tips and hints on things to make for your own wedding?

    We're not looking for an expensive wedding, and we're both creative and we would really like to create our own unique things to put in the wedding (like designing our invitations, making favors, the dress, etc.) what are some good places that specialize in this.

  3. How do you start a career in photo album design?

    I'm really interested in becoming a wedding album designer but don't have any experience. I have done a few personal albums on my own but don't have any professional training in it. Do you need professional training? If so, any recommendation on classes would be appreciated. Thanks!

  4. What are the hot wedding cake trends for 2009?

    My sister is getting married in about 14 months. She hasn't picked the wedding cake yet and doesn't know what type she wants or whats hips? Do anyone have suggestions about what the hot wedding cake trends are for 2009?

  5. Is it legal to remodel an old wedding dress and then resell it?

    I was thinking it would be a great idea to take old wedding dresses and modify them or fix them up to create modern gowns that could then be sold really cheap. It would make modern gowns for extremely low prices! The only problem is, I'm unsure if that is allowed since the designer's name is their pride. Can this happen? Do I have to change a minimum percent? Is it like art in that dresses after a certain number of years are fair gain? I'm really looking for an expert or lawyer opinion. Thanks for any help!

  6. I'm designing an engagement ring with an interlocking wedding ring. How much should I be charging?

    I'm not actually building it myself, just doing the design itself. I have designed jewelry before, but never charged for it.

  7. Where can I design and print my own magazine online for free?

    I saw this cool idea online to do a wedding magazine, it was great EXCEPT it was like a grand todo it. Not happening. So is there any other website to design magazines for free then just pay for the print at a reasonable price?

  8. What kind of tools are used to sketch Fashion Designs?

    I never taken any classes or lessons in art, so I typically sketch fashion design on paper with just pencil and pen. I want to move forward with just sketching and actually do something with it. I've been drawing since I was able to hold a pencil. But what kind of pencils or special tools should I purchase to make my work look more professional, and bolder.

  9. How do I create a free website?

    I am starting my own business and would like to have a website to direct traffic and showcase biz. Can someone please give me legitimate advice on web hosting and design that is either free or very cheap. I may even need a checkout section also where people can purchase products. I am doing wedding/event planning, so need lots of space for pictures and blogging. Thanks so much!

  10. Does anyone know how to build a free standing pergola without using concrete?

    We'd like to build our own wooden structure for our wedding ceremony, while doing as little damage as possible to the yard. Everything I've looked up calls for pouring concrete, and just wondered if anyone had any ideas. Thanks so much! This is also only temporary, it's coming down when we're done...thanks again!

  11. When hiring a Wed Developer to create a website, are there suppose to be any disclosures signed?

    Like for example, to prevent them from claiming ownership of the website, or trying to steal the idea?

  12. Does anyone know of any inexpensive wedding venues in ct including the reception?

    I am thinking about Candlewood Inn in Brookfield but I've heard its expensive. I wouldn't have any more than 50 guests. Has anyone had a wedding venue in CT they can recommend? Does anyone know how much the Candlewood Inn costs? Any prices? Thanks