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Modern Wedding Cakes Photos Questions Answered!

  1. Most important enjoyable things to visit in Seoul?

    Hi. Could you tell me about the good things to visit in Seoul During autumn?

  2. does anyone know the difference b/w a traditional altar and a contemporary altar?

    i mean in reference to the dia de los muertos holiday. or if someone could tell me where i can find this info.

  3. what is the purpose of a wedding garter?

    ok i know they like go on the leg but what is the purpose?

  4. My fiance & I decided on a Civil War theme wedding & had no idea it was going to be this hard to plan, HELP!?

    Just to clarify this is a Civil War era theme. 1860's time period. Just to clarify this is a Civil War era theme. 1860's time period. Just to clarify this is a Civil War era theme. 1860's time period.

  5. 16th Wedding Anniversary cake ideas?

    I am making a cake for some friends and i need to know if there is any special colors or anything. Any details or special traditions.

  6. Modern, contemporary, minimalist and earthy wedding decor?

    What do you suggest? add links if possible to have a better visualization of the ideals, thanks. What about seating, entrance, cake...etc Well, I'm looking for "suggestions" and expanding my mind to new concepts and ideas that I wouldn't have thought of and that people may have an idea of and can help others along the way...

  7. Need help with the wedding!?

    ok well not so much as the wedding itself but more with the cake. i am always watching Amazing Wedding Cakes and other shows like that to get ideas. But with my Fiancee, he has a total different view. We are clashing here! I am more of the modern romantic so i want a cake that incorporates that but id like it to be non traditional. Now his vision is totally off the wall! He is a country boy so he wants to incorporate tractors, barns, and the whole ten yards. How in the world can we combine these two visions? I want your opinions first before we head to the cake people.

  8. I want to become a Wedding/Event Planner, please help me?

    Please out the pros and cons, and tell me what to do, how to, and make sure. I will choose the best answers, please help me! A business name will be good too!

  9. Wedding cupcakes? Need some help please =D?

    I have kind of decided to skip out on traditional wedding cake for my wedding. I think tradtional cakes are really pretty, but just not for us. My finace and i are not huge cake eaters, and disagree on flavor, but we love cupcakes. We have come up with the idea to have what is called gormet cupcakes. In these little cakes, we can have many more flavors than we would if we had a whole cake, including flavors like banana split, and it comes with all the fixing. Plus it is cheaper than a whole cake, not just in the cake itself, but cutting and serving ect. And more kid friendly, as well as diabetic friendly because it is hard to make a whole cake, or even a layer suger free. At our semi formal modern christmas wedding, we really want to do some things different and love this idea. However, the real question i want to know, is how would you feel if you saw cupcakes on tiers, like a wedding cake. Would you miss the whole cakey, cutting experiance and be dispointed? Or would you appreciate a desert that has all the elements of a wedding cake, but be in cupcake form? Have you been to a wedding where someone did this and what was the general reaction to it? p.s. we have about 175 guests, so we are looking ot have about 5 different kinds of cupcakes, and the kind of cake, fillings, and toppings choices are endless!!

  10. As good friends go, aren't animals sometimes a better bet?

    You have unconditional love, trust, respect, fun & loyalty. i loved this...Casey Anderson, a modern-day Grizzly Adams, picked a half-ton bear to be best man at his wedding to Hollywood actress, Missi Pyle. Anderson 33, hand-reared Brutus from a cub after he was born into captivity and faced euthanasia because he couldn't be released into the wild. Brutus, who weighs 900lbs (0.45 tonnes), stole the show at the marriage in Swan Valley, Montana, where he ate the wedding cake in front of 85 guests. "With other bears he plays rough but I'm not scared of him because when I wrestle him he knows he needs to be a lot more gentle. "He doesn't want to hurt the people that he loves and I think he does love me after all the years and time we have spent together. He's my best friend." http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/howaboutthat/5240623/Grizzly-bear-is-best-man-at-wedding.html Edit: Bear! You're not a grizzly... : )