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Modern Wedding Cakes Bakeries Questions Answered!

  1. Do you like modern or old school wedding cakes?

    Do you prefer the modern wedding cake that has hecka colors and mostly fondant or old school with the buttercream? I prefer the old fashioned with the white buttercream and flowers instead, but what do you guys like better?

  2. How many cakes should be in a wedding?

    Ok I'm so new to this and just trying to figure out how many cakes to order. So the norm is the wedding cake and the grooms cake? I'm confused. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks

  3. What to do with the wedding cake?

    We are having our first anniversarry on 10. On the wedding they told me i have to put the top piece in the fridge till the next year.

  4. What do dreams about cheesecake mean?

    In the dream when I bought it and took it out of the bakery. It was on top of a piece of pecan pie. What does that mean? I have some ideas about it though. So not true Davide, just that one time in prison. lol

  5. Chicago Wedding Catering Question?

    Myfiance and I are getting married at the Chicago History Museum and the theme of the wedding is Old-School Classic Chicago with a Modern Twist. We are interviewing caterors now and we want Classic Chicago fare for every part of the meal. (passed appetizers, salad, 1 steak choice, 1 fish choice, 3 interactive dessert stations, late night snack) Any suggesstions....we already have alot of good ideas and have looked at menus of classic chicago steakhouses and restaurants but would like some fresh ideas from some of you. Thanks

  6. Wedding cakes in Pakistan ?!?

    Well my sister is getting married in Pakistan soon and its my job to organise a wedding cake for her. So I would appreciate it is any one has any ideas for bakeries or cake designs. I want the cake to be exquisite, modern and large in size. P.S could you also please include the price range. Thankyou!

  7. Wedding Ideas- Texas- Houston, Cypress area?

    I need ideas of venues that do everything from flowers and decorations to chair and table linens! Maybe some ideas of beautiful but low priced venues, florists, linen companies, cake bakeries for wedding and groom, etc.!

  8. What would you name these characters for my story :)?

    Hello! I'm writing a story and as I outline, I realize I'm having trouble naming a few central characters. I'll briefly describe their personality and looks, and if you guys could give some suggestions for names, that would be great :). The story is set in a small town in Maine, modern day. Romance/drama genre. So no crazy sci-fi names or anything like that please :)! The main girl: She's sixteen. Very quiet and closed off. She's very observant of other people, but feels uncomfortable interacting with them. She comes off as very cold and unfriendly. Her father left when she was very young and her mother has constant new boyfriends, so she finds it very difficult to trust people and let them in. She's very serious and the most responsible one in the family; she makes sure there's dinner on the table each night, dishes/laundry are done, etc. She's very studious and has plans to go to college and be a writer. Her mother is a talented wedding cake maker for a bakery in town, and she often helps her mother bake and decorate the cakes. She is very fair and has freckled cheeks. Long blond hair and brown eyes. Petite frame. Names I'm thinking so far: Nora, Mae, Lillian The younger half-sister: She's recently turned fifteen and is a total wild-child. She has an air of confidence and authority around others. She is extremely outgoing and adventurous, which often lands her in a load of trouble that her sister has to get her out of. She's constantly running through boyfriends, going to parties, and blowing off school-work and responsibilities. Very friendly and flirtatious with anyone and everyone. They don't have the same father (the mother never married in the first place), and the half-sister has no idea who her real father is, which bothers her. She secretly struggles with self-esteem issues and bulimia. She has short, wavy, dirty-blond hair and blue eyes. She's tall and thin. Names I'm thinking of so far: Eliza, Josephine nn "Josie" The mother: She was much like the younger sister when she was young, and still is presently. She got pregnant during her sophomore year at college and had to drop out. Although she and her boyfriend tried to stay together, they ended badly and do not speak now. During this time, her wealthy parents cut her off and she moved from Massachusetts to Virginia to work in a bakery. A year later, she got pregnant again after a one-night stand. From there, she moved to a small town in Maine and got a good job as a wedding cake maker and designer. She is constantly going on dates and is very loud and flirtatious. However, she is very emotionally damaged from her many broken relationships. She loves her daughters very much, but often times acts more like a friend than a mother. She has blond hair, blue eyes, and a slim build. Most kids know her around town as the "hot mom". Names I'm thinking of so far: Rosanne The boy: A boy who recently moved up to Maine from California, and will be starting his senior year of high school. He currently lives with his older brother and another roommate in a small apartment. He works for a catering business that a local woman runs out of her house, and they mainly cater at weddings (which is how he and the main girl meet). His parents went through a nasty divorce a few years ago, and his mother is married again while his father suffers from alcoholism back in California. His guardian is his older brother now. He's very sarcastic, but very friendly. He is very easy-going. Although he pretends things do not emotionally hurt him, like his parents' divorce, he is secretly very wounded. He's humorous, light-hearted, and daring. He has short, messy brown hair, blue eyes, and is tall and muscular. Names I'm thinking of so far: Nathaniel nn "Nate", Tristan Any suggestions are soooo very much appreciated :)!

  9. France and Australia "Cakes & pastries consumption"?

    Can anyone help me find the figure of France and Australia on "Cakes & pastries consumption" please?

  10. what can i do a documentary about?

    i want to produce a documentary with a couple of classmates for a student project but can anyone give us some starter ideas on something that could be catchy, inspiring, interesting...?? thanks..