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Modern Wedding Cakes Magazine Questions Answered!

  1. I have to make my son's birthday cake using MMF and I have to make it atleasrt a day?

    before. I have to make different shapes also with MMF to keep them on the cake. I have whipped cream in my frosting so I have to keep the cake in fridge....what can I do please help!!! ITS going to be a two layerd cake MMF== Marshmallow fondant

  2. How do I start planning for my wedding?

    I am getting married in Greece next year it is booked and paid for but where do I go from here? Do I still have bridesmaids? What do we do the same abroad?

  3. When should I book my wedding vendors?

    I already booked the venue (more then a year in advance) but I have no idea when I should book the.... 1) Photographer 2) Band/DJ (possibly having both) 3) Officiant 4) Bakery for cake 5) Florist 6) Hair/makeup artist (if I decide to have one) 7) Honeymoon cruise (no air fair needed) Also, when should I order... 1) My gown 2) Bridesmaids gowns Thanks in advance!!!!

  4. Which bridal magazine do you prefer?

    If you were going to buy either "Modern Bride" or "Bride" (not both) which would you pick, and why?

  5. I found a black and white picture of LeAnn Rimes cutting a 4 tier wedding cake, where can I find this in color

    The wedding cake in the picture has pears and branches on it. It is a picture of her and her husband cutting the cake.

  6. Jane Austen-like/ Enchanted/ Nostalgiac- Themed Wedding?

    I want a very affordable yet elegant wedding set in this theme. It is suppose to be nostalgiac yet modern. We are to wed in Spring aroung March or April. Please give me some ideas. I want bold colors and a very romantic mood. It is to take place outside! Please give me some ideas on colors, decorations, dresses, cake ideas, music, and overall ceremony and reception! Please help! Thank you!!!!

  7. wedding decorations?

    we are trying to find catalogs on wedding decoration for the ceremony in a church or outdoors

  8. i cant find the perfect.......?

    wedding cake any ideas? my mum is making it but i cant find a design that i like is there any websites that you know of where i can have a look at some to get some inspiration?

  9. How does a wedding cake suppose to look?

    I know I want 3 layers but I don't want it staked on top of each other I want them to have there own little tables so they are separate but looking like steps. I don't know what suppose to be on them first cake ever asking for hope fully the last, I rather make my own but no one will let me:( They also won't let me make my own grooms cakes sniffs. My fiance loves the way I bake so why can't I do it myself, I am doing everything else myself. The only reason I don't do it myself I don't know how to decorate cats, and I know I don't want flowers, I also want my cake color to be sky blue, but other than that, that is how far I got lol.

  10. Wedding Photography - UK?

    I am a professional award winning wedding Photographer and I have been trying to find some happy medium with prices and the services that I offer, so that I don't work at a loss all the time. I want to give a lot, but I also need to have a life as well, Each wedding is around 3 weeks work and I do mostly enjoy my work. So My question is: How much would you pay for your wedding photography and what would you expect to have for it? To give you an idea, wedding photography consists of Insurance, marketing and advertising, website updates and equipment. A wedding typically consists of: 2-3 Meetings several hours of emails and telephone calls A day preparing my kit The wedding day (12 hours) 4 Hours downloading and backing up the photos/video A week of photo editing Three days building a per view website and albums Two days album and image editing (as client requires) 4-8 hours making a slide show 2 hours ordering shipping packing and checking the albums when they arrive. A typical package would be a day shooting a wedding, all the digital negatives, a 70 page album with 70 pictures and a DVD slide show set to music. Thanks in advance - this is a UK only question

  11. People who are engaged or married.. Questions about wedding photographers?

    This is for a university assessment anyone with any experience with wedding photographers can answer I need many opinions. :) 2. What is your budget for a wedding photographer? 3. What are the most important factors you would consider for a wedding photographer? 4. What are your expectations for a wedding photographer? 5. Are reading through testimonials or reviews of wedding photographers important to you? Why? 6. What makes a photographer credible to you? (Example: do they have accreditations, do others recommend them, has their work been published etc...) 7. Is the photographers’ website important to you? 8. Would the photographers previous work, and style of these past photos matter to you? 9. Where are the places you might look (or have already) to finding a photographer? ( e.g google) 10. What would you want included in a package deal (for example: coverage of wedding and reception, location shoots, photo albums, canvases, any other extras)? . 11.>>http://www.illuminationoflife.com.au/ would you consider this photographer? Why? Why not?

  12. Help with my wedding?

    It's not gonna be for awhile (not til I graduate highschool... possibly til I graduate college), but I'd like to plan it. I'd like opinions on the following things: 1. Colors I'm thinking silver and blue, but I'd also like a deep purple... maybe... help! Lol. 2. Setting 3. Traditional or modern? 4. My dress 5. Season 6. Flowers 7. His outfit 8. Number of bridesmaids/groomsmen One of my guy friends wants to be a bridesmaid... I told him he could if he wore a dress... That's normal, right? Lol. 9. Song 10. Anything else you can think of! Please and thank you! I'm engaged (or I wouldn't be asking...) and I really wanna plan this. Even if my thoughts of it might change. I wanna have something to think about when I think about the wedding!