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Fall Wedding Design Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. What could I use for wedding favors?

    I am have a fall country wedding outside a barn. I need some ideas of what I could use for favors. Something cheap since I have a very tight budget. Any any ideas for some diy invites?

  2. What are some fun, and affordable ideas for a fall wedding reception?

    I am looking for some ideas for activities to do during our wedding reception in October. I know we will have the dollar dance. But I am searching for unique ideas. Something (other then Karoke) almost all guests young and old can have fun with. I saw this portable photo booth but that is way too expensive. But I want something thats memorable. Please Help!

  3. I just got engaged and we want to have a Fall wedding around Halloween next year.?

    Does anyone know of any good sites to get some ideas for Fall/Halloween wedding ideas? Or is there any sites where I can get magazines with this type of wedding ideas in it? Thanks a lot!

  4. Can someone please explain the different dress fabrics? And what is seasonal for a fall wedding?

    I'm getting married next October 30th (2010) and have no idea what organza or taffeta or any of that is. Can someone explain and recommend a dress for my indoor wedding. And please don't say ANYTHING because I don't want to wear a summery dress by mistake. I am that clueless haha.

  5. How does one become a Wedding Planer?

    I'm interested in becoming a Wedding planner, and I'm just not really sure where to start. Do you have to be certified or go to school to become a planner, or is it something you can just develop on ones own? If someone can help me and guide me to some websites for references and help me go in the right direction i would love it. Thanks!

  6. Do you have any Decorating ideas that work for both Thanksgiving and Christmas?

    My parents want me to decorate the outside of their business office that will transition from now through christmas, but of course since it's a business it would be "holidays" not specific to "christmas". There are two pillars at the front door of the office that they would like decorated. A couple minor things to change after thanksgiving would be fine, but the basic design needs to be the same. Pics would be helpful!

  7. Where shall my fiancee and I go for our wedding/honeymoon?

    We already know we want a destination wedding/honeymoon. We are planning something tropical such as the Caribbean. In the past we've been to St. Lucia at an all inclusive, we've been to Cay Caulker Belize. I'm looking for any suggestions/reasons/stories of places people may have to share. Feel free to expand and don't hold back. We're 27 and 31 years old. Like to party a bit, but also love relaxing. Like some adventure, but still wanna chill. Love live music and great food! Thanks.

  8. Any ideas on incorpotating fall ideas into a september wedding?

    I am having a september wedding. My colors are pink and black with accents of silver. Also my theme is damask but I wanna maybe incorporate some fall ideas but using no "fall" colors.

  9. What fall (October) flowers are best to use when making a boutonnierre?

    I'm making my own bouquets and boutonnierres for my upcoming wedding, and I know some flowers have a longer life out of water than others... So I'm looking for some ideas on ORANGE flowers that would be a good choice for those bouquets/boutonnierres? Thanks for any help or advice!

  10. I'm gettin married october 8,2011. which is fall does anyone have any cake designs ideas or anything?

    where should i start planning this wedding we are startin the plans early to get somewhat of a budget estimate. Please help {SERIOUS ANSWERS ONLY} i really need help!

  11. Invitations when kids have a special place at wedding?

    We are having a room specially for the kids during the reception. There are going to be movies, games, food, all kinds of fun kids stuff. Someone along the way gave us the idea to enclose a special invitation to them. Serves as two purposes: One to encourage kids to come to the room, and the other to make it known that this is where we want them during the reception. I just dont know where to go from here. Have you seen anything like that? Would you recommend enclosing it in the formal invitation envelope? Any ideas would be appreciated.

  12. Fairy Tale Cinderella Wedding theme ideas needed?

    My friend wants to have a Fairy Tale Cinderella Wedding Theme. Her boyfriend has been calling her his Cinderella/Princess since day one of dating. He is her prince charming. They would like to have it very soon, need help with planning stages of their wedding. They are thinking of Spring or Fall next year.

  13. Would it look tacky if all of my tables at my wedding reception were decorated differently?

    I am getting married next autumn, and I have so many ideas for reception center pieces. Would it look okay if I decorated each table differently? Maybe some with pumpkins, some with pine cones, and some with fall flowers?

  14. im getting married in August 2010 Is it too soon to plan?

    How soon should I book a vendor and I have a 5000 dollar budget? Any ideas at all, im planning alone and i need help.

  15. What are the advantages and disadvantages of long engagements?

    I want to hear the stories of people that have had either a short engagemet or a long engagement. Please DEFINE what is a short engagement and what is a long engagement to you! Furthermore, I want to know for those of you that did have short engagements, has your marriage worked out? And for those of you that have had long engagements, has your marriage worked out? I would love some advice so that I can have an idea of which one to pick. Just so you know we met at work 3 years before we dated, dated for 16 months, and now we are setting a date for an engagement.

  16. how do you organize your scrapbook paper and stickers?

    I am trying to figure out the best solution.. I have a ton of papers and stickers. I am also very tight on space so I was thinking like a box that stands the paper up. Any ideas on where I can get something that's not that expensive?