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Rustic Wedding Decor Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. I just got engaged and am looking for a backyard setting to have our wedding in Denver.?

    We want something simple, rustic and affordable. My dream is to find a backyard for my 60 guests, and do most the decorating myself. Any suggestions?

  2. What should I use to put my wedding centerpiece on top of?

    I'm having a wine & grapes themed wedding, and I'm using decorated wine bottles, wine glass gel candles and a basket filled with real grapes for each table. I was going to use a mirror to put all of these on top of, but I'm only using one candle, so I wonder if anyone has a better idea for all of this. Any help is very much appreciated! Thank you!

  3. Does anyone have any creative suggestions for?

    So the date for our wedding is May 15, 2010! The color scheme is Fuchsia and Orange(not BAM orange, more like a redish orange) and white accents. It is a rustic, farm wedding. I need some creatvie ideas for favors and centerpieces and decor. I have a tight budget and need to start gathering now. This is so that I don't have to dish out a ton of money all at once. I like the idea of lanters and branches. Any help would be great, thank you! here are some inspiration pics http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_N28dmFcjIWY/SB395buLRlI/AAAAAAAAAS0/ZqwXJahU25E/s320/orange%2Band%2Bpink%2Bwedding%2Binspiration.jpg http://zinkedesign.files.wordpress.com/2008/04/pink-and-orange-board.jpg http://www.weddingflowers.bz/images/Melissasbridalbqpic1.JPG

  4. Do you have any elegant, rustic, vintage, handmade wedding ideas?

    My fiance and I are getting married on a very small budget way under $10,000. Our wedding reception will be in a hall that was built in the 1800's. It's a beautiful place! I'm looking for some elegant, rustic, vintage, handmade wedding ideas? I'm making just about every wedding decoration for the wedding reception. Do you have some ideas or websites that would help me out? Thank you! :)

  5. Anyone have a good idea for a wedding reception centerpiece that is both inexpensive and unusual?

    I am having a semi-formal wedding at the end of June. The reception hall has darkish sage colors. The tablecloths are white. I am wearing a light gold wedding dress and carrying calla lillies. I would like to incorporate the color ivory into the centerpiece. Any ideas would be much appreciated. I have 25 tables to decorate, and would like to do so for under $4/table. Thanks!!!

  6. Looking for a lowkey rustic/counrty winter wedding venue, for 200 in the Hamiton(50km) ON area any ideas? f?

    We are a couple that love winter and all you can do in the snow, outdoor enthusiasts, and foodies.We would love an outdoor ceremony with a place for a reception that showcases the beauty of winter. We are not concerned about things like colours, centre pieces,linens etc. We are from southern Ontario and would like to keep it local. Any help would be great! Thanks

  7. Ideas for a rustic mountain theme wedding?

    I'm getting married in a rustic log lodge in the mountains. I want rustic but still wedding elegant. Any ideas for decorating, favors, centerpieces, etc.?

  8. Rustic wedding theme ideas?

    We're looking for ideas for a rustic wedding reception. We don't want cowboy just simply country rustic. For example, mason jar or galvanized buckets for center pieces, a red wagon to hold silverware, etc. Please any ideas welcome!

  9. Reception Decoration Ideas for a Garden Wedding?

    I need help thinking of ideas for centerpieces, decor, favors, etc. for my reception. The reception is going to be held in a garden and we're serving an afternoon tea. My colors are red, ivory, and champagne and the theme is sort of Rustic/ Vintage/ Garden-y. I'd like some simple and elegant decorations. Any ideas? Pictures would also be appreciated.

  10. Rustic Country Wedding Reception Ideas?

    Hi. My fiance and I are getting married on 9/12/2009. We are having our wedding reception at a old historical horse barn that is just beautiful. I want a rustic country/ fall themed reception. Very classy. Any good suggestions? Thanks so much!

  11. Rustic/country wedding ideas?

    I am doing a country/rustic themed wedding. I've got a lot of the stuff picked out and we just have to order it, but i'm wanting some more decor ideas. The wedding/reception is going to be about 6:30 with the reception starting around 7 and going untill around 9 or 10. The BM are wearing sundresses and either cowboy boots or flats. i'm wearing a floor length dress with cowboy boots that have aqua accents ours invites are being made on etsy to go with our theme but still have an elegant feel to them The guys i'm trying to convince to wear wranglers, a nice shirt and either nice shoes or cowboy boots. I"m stuck on how to do the centerpices though. I want all the centerpieces to have lighting on them so it will be easier to see, but i'm stuck on how to do it. I don't want the tradional floating candles or anything like that. I want it country/rustic but still fun and easy to see.