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Wedding Design Ideas Uk Questions Answered!

  1. Why does the British Govt. invite seven known tyrants and dictators to the Royal Wedding?

    Is this like a club for the rich or something? It just doesn't seem like a very romantic idea to me. If they could use this event to make a statement about human rights, or something, that just seems to be the appropriate thing. What do you think?

  2. Where can I get my own design lazer cut into cards?

    My friend has asked me to design and make her wedding invitations. She would love an intricate 'lacy' cut out design. Short of me cutting them all out by hand, i am running out of ideas. Will probably need about 150. I have tried search engines, but it just comes up with pre made/designed lazer cut cards, or big machines that cut them that cost £1000s. Cant find anyone that i can get to make my own designs.

  3. Where can i get self designed cards printed?

    I have designed my own wedding cards on the computer and just need a company in/around london that will print them on hammered or metallic card. Any ideas? Thanks.

  4. What is a good wedding gift for my sister's wedding?

    My sister is getting married soon. And I need some wedding girt ideas. Price doesn't matter a great deal but nothing overly expensive. And if possible nothing too big. I am supposed to bring the present from UK all the way home.

  5. Any one know of a free software or program that will let me design a wedding?

    I am getting married and I don't have any idea what I am doing. Just want to play around and design my wedding. Please help me.

  6. How can I make my internet business a success?

    I am thinking about starting up an internet business making and selling handmade cards - birthday, wedding, sympathy etc. I know there are a million and one other people doing this kind of thing, so how should I go about getting my site on the first page of a search engine? I have absolutely no idea about web design but am willing to learn. I've tried selling on Ebay but would like my own site as I begrudge paying Ebay so much in fees!! Oh and btw I live in the UK if this makes a difference, although I would be happy to mail my products all over the world.

  7. How do you sew a lace-up back of the dress and add a modesty panel?

    i have no idea how to make a modesty panel. the lace up starts from the top and goes down to above my butt. is there a specific shape the lace-up has to be as well?

  8. I want a lace looking wedding cake but i cant find one can anyone help ?

    I want a peach wedding cake with a lace sort of look over the peach. I seen one like it on a tv wedding and fell in love with it . Where do you think i could get one any ideas ?

  9. Does anyone remember the Crayola Fashion Designer kit with the purple stencils of people?

    Someone please tell me if there is anywhere I can find this or something like it! I'm 27 and when I was younger I got a Crayola Fashion Designer kit with a purple stencil that had three different women poses. I am buying Christmas presents for a perfect little 8 year old girl this year and would love to find this for her....I remember using mine for years....I even designed prom and wedding dresses with it. If anyone has any idea where I can find this please let me know ASAP!!!! Thank you!

  10. Who is helping you out with your flowers?

    Are you coming up with the centerpeice design or are you letting a florist or floral designer help you?? My wedding planner just told me about a floral designer I can pitch my ideas to....has anyone else used a floral designer? davidica, that is so cool!!! are you going to collect them as you see them or go out and search for them. I love that idea. It could be something your and your sweety could do together which will make it all the more special!

  11. How do I accessorise an aubergine dress?

    Does anyone have any idea how to accessorise an aubergine dress for a wedding? It's knee length, slim fitting with a sweetheart neckline and thin shoulder straps. It's a winter colour so I'd love to brighten it up for the summer but I don't have a clue about jewellery colours. All help is really, really appreciated!!! Wow! fast answers. I love the idea of pink and the ones you included from asos. getting the credit card out! Thanks a million to everyone...

  12. What type of balloon designs should I have at the wedding reception?

    I would like it simple and not look too overcrowded! I don't want it to look like a 'Wacky Warehouse!' I'm having flower (roses) centrepieces for my tables, but on the edges I might have a couple of hot pink and light pink (my colour scheme) balloons on the ends? Anywhere else should they be plz??? Sorry, was meant to say on the edges of the top table only!

  13. How can i make my American bouught toshiba tv work in the UK.?

    My wife an I bought a 50 inch plasma tv with our wedding present money, about a year ago, but we got sent to the UK on orders (I'm in the army) and now i can't get the tv to work. There's no way we can afford to replace it, so we're desperately looking for a fix. I have spoken to sky(the cable company over here) and to several american tv companies and they all assure me that it isnt a pal/ncts issue as i am using a hdmi cable which doesn't use either system. I'm beginning to thing it is a power issue. Obviously we are using a voltage converter to bring the power down from 240v to 110v, but the US uses a 60hz system, while the UK is using a 50hz one..... I'm not sure, but i'm out of ideas and if it is this, i don't know how to fix it... Please please please help