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Simple Outdoor Wedding Decor Questions Answered!

  1. Is is possible to plan and prep a wedding with only a couple months left?

    My fiance is away, and we decided to get married when he gets back before he leaves. So im planning this on my own... Just wanted to make sure its possible, and maybe get some tips...

  2. Any good ideas for an outdoor/country wedding?

    I am having my outdoor wedding next May in my Grandpa's apple orchard, and the reception is going to be in the field below. I am interested in any old fashion, country ideas to decorate with. I want the guests to be semi-casual so they can enjoy themselves and be in a welcoming atmosphere.

  3. Can anyone recommend a beautiful hotel to have my small wedding in Amalfi Coast towns (Italy)?

    I am looking for an amazing hotel that has someone there I can contact to help plan my very small wedding. I want amazing views, rooms with balcony, and a scenic, overlooking coastline place outside to wed. Any recommendations? I have been looking in Positano and Ravello (though Ravello seems so far from coastline).

  4. Any ideas about outdoor wedding in north Florida.?

    I was wondering if it would be good weather around the middle of April. Probably the 19th. www.weather.com says the average high is 80 degrees. Do you think that is a good temp for outdoor wedding? Any other ideas for a casual, yet classy, outdoor wedding would be great.

  5. Any advice for an outdoor wedding?

    Hello! I'm planning on getting married next summer and decided to be really budget friendly and have a simple but elegant outdoor wedding. My grandparents live off of a golf course in Oxford, MI and it's a really beautiful place. Lots of trees, my grandparents have a beautiful house, with a finished walk out basement with a bar, pool table, poker table and what not. Their yard is beautifully decorated with a pond as well. But I feel like some people in my family might think it's too tacky and I want them to be impressed and just have a great time! I was wondering if anybody has experience with outdoor weddings and if you could offer any advice whatsoever on decor. Thank you and if you're engaged and soon to be married or even just recently married, CONGRATS! BEST WISHES!!!!!! PS - I can't believe I'm in on a Friday night on YA but I don't care! I've got my bottle of wine and I'm good to go!!!! = ) mJc: I know it could be humid and/or raining. Oh well! We'll have a blast dancing in the rain! = )

  6. Any tips/suggestions for a wedding in Hawaii?

    My fiancee and I plan on getting married in Hawaii. Anyone ever had a wedding on one of the islands there? We don't want to spend too much on a fancy resort, maybe a small wedding outdoors and an outdoor reception with buffet style meal. Thanks for your help!

  7. Craft Ideas for Autumn Wedding?

    My daughter is planning a November wedding & is trying to keep costs down as much as possible. Does anyone have any good ideas for table decorations at the reception, specifically small autumn-themed centerpieces, something different from the usual pumpkin thing. None of us is very talented craft-wise, so would need to be fairly easy to make. Also would appreciate it if anyone knows of a crafting website where we could find ideas for this. Thanks!