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Cheap Outdoor Wedding Decor Questions Answered!

  1. How can I decorate my wedding cheaply?

    My fiance and I are planning a very,very low cost wedding and I wanted to know of any creative ways to decorate tables and chairs so that all we need to rent is the actual chairs and tables.It is an outdoor wedding and our favors are going to be flower seeds.

  2. What are some common poses to photograph at a wedding and reception.?

    I will be the cheap and very inexperienced photographer for a friends wedding on Saturday 14 November. I know that there is some common poses and shots that are done for both the wedding and reception. I was wondering if anyone knew of a site or was experienced in what normal poses were taken for such a thing. Any help would be greatly appreciated, I don't want to let them down.

  3. is it tacky to have a cake and champagne or cocktail wedding reception ?

    my fiance and i are trying to have a wedding in nyc on a very tight budget. we have about 100 guests, but we've searched around, and we don't think its possible that we can afford to feed that many people. i don't want to offend my guests by not feeding them when they get there. what do i do ?!!!!

  4. What is a good affordable wedding?

    I live in phx az and I was wondering if anyone knew of a good wedding package for the wedding and reception that is cheap and affordable? ??????? We might have around 75 guests or so.

  5. Someone please, please help me with my wedding?

    What exactly draws a bride and groom to one reception venue compared to another when the same services are provided? When planning an event such as wedding, is price the main factor or are the services which are being offered more important?

  6. Ways to Save on Wedding?

    I'm recently engaged, and attempting to begin planning for the big day. Does anyone have tips as to how to save money or suggestions for planning? I'm also wondering what an average price is for a wedding. Any info helps! Thanks!

  7. Are there any restaurants in Guadalajara, México that serve American Thanksgiving Dinner?

    Any restaurant better thas Sanborns? Thank you

  8. Where can I rent a nice place out for a wedding... and where candles and alcohol are allowed?

    I am getting married in september and i am on a VERY tight budget..$5000 to be exact. i have to play for the venue and reception.. decor.. honeymoon all that.. i need any places in central ohio that are very cheap but nice.. they also need to allow candles and alcohol. PLEASE HELP!!!