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Outdoor Wedding Decor Tent Questions Answered!

  1. Ideas and suggestions for outdoor reception please?

    My fiance and I are getting married in Jamaica and want to have an outdoor reception when we get home. We have a beautiful backyard with a pool. There will be approx 75-100 people (HE HAS A HUGE FAMILY). I am thinking of ideas to make it nice, but not too expensive. We plan to have finger foods, each family member will make one, etc. We have someone to make us a cake for next to nothing. What are some cute decorative ideas and maybe ideas on a tent if it rains! Thanks!

  2. Rustic farm wedding in a barn this up coming July?

    I am getting married on July 11, 2009 and would like to get married on a farm in a barn or park with a rustic setting. I am having trouble finding a venue like this. I would like the reception to take place south of Buffalo, either in Wyoming, Catt., or Southern Erie counties. Thanks for your help!!

  3. help my sister in law is getting married in a outdoor wedding sat. i realy need dec. ideas?

    she wants jeans and dress shirt so it is not fancy at all i have some stuff left over from my wedding i just need some ideas she is carring a red rose

  4. Reception venue, what kind of questions to ask?

    I'm going to look at a My first venue for my reception Saturday. What questions should I ask, and go over with them?!

  5. Outdoor wedding decorations?

    I need to set up outdoor decor 2 days before the ceremony - mainly tulle and ribbons for the arbor, deck railings & EZ up tent. Just curious if it lightly rains after the set up, how does tulle/ribbon react? Should I consider spraying with a water repellent spray? Anyone use ribbon stiffing spray - saw at a craft store. Any thoughts/ideas.

  6. I'm planning a wedding, help!?

    I'm planning a wedding in 4 months, can anyone give me some tips? Thank you! I would love a checklist-I'm afraid ill forget something!!

  7. Hi, I'm planning on having an Indian theme wedding, dying for table decor ideas..?

    My colours are rust with a touch of blue and gold beads & sequins

  8. Need ideas for outdoor wedding venue? HELP!?

    Need ideas for outdoor or Indoor with Garden area outside wedding venues in Austin? Opps. Forgot to mention I am looking for a venue in or around Austin, TX.

  9. Small wedding and reception planing ? help !?

    Ok so me and my fiance want to have around 40 people at our wedding , just family and close friends , i just don't know where to start ,i know i want an outdoor wedding ,and an elegant small reception , i really want that first dance !!!!!! My fiance and i were dating since we were 14 lol i know kind of young but hey life can have surprises , and now i am 29 , so this dance mean a lot for us ,where do i start? how do i do that ? my best friend spoke to me about a destination wedding at a resort in florida , most of my guests are in Ny and florida i am the only one in ga she said that there its perfect for an outdoor wedding , so what do you guys think ? where should i start ? Can i have both ceremony and reception in one place? the resorts do that ? what about the pictures if i have both event in the same place? i need all the suggestion and tips i can get for a beautiful small and fun wedding ,help ! and thanks for helping I don't want to spend that much i want to have a budget of 10,000 if less even better , did anyone here had their wedding or went to a wedding in jekyll island club hotel ? i want to hear your toughts about it ! Thanks a lot !