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Outdoor Wedding Decor Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. How to decorate half a ballroom for a wedding ceremony?

    We are planning an outdoor ceremony at our reception venue for September of this year. If it rains, our coordinator said that 1/3 of our reception ballroom can be sectioned off and set up for the ceremony and then transformed back into the reception during cocktail hour. How can I still make it beautiful for the ceremony if it does rain and I have to move it indoors? I need quick decor idea that could be used indoors or out (so I don't waste money) and can also be removed quickly after the ceremony is over.

  2. What wedding gift is it customary for a guest to give to the bride and groom of a Rajasthani wedding?

    I'm going to a Rajasthani wedding in India. I am a white American and am very excited to be attending the wedding. What type of gift should I get the bride and groom? I am friends with the groom.

  3. Awesome inexpensive wedding decorations for a black & white theme?

    I am getting married & my colors are black & white. I don't want to break the bank on this wedding & reception so I am looking for anyone who has ideas & suggestions for "homemade" wedding decorations .... or if you have any suggestions on how to use the colors. We are planning an outdoor September wedding. If you have any really cheap websites for decor, that'd be useful as well!

  4. What are good tips for throwing an inexpensive, non-traditional wedding?

    My best friend is getting married in two months. She got engaged last week. She doesn't want the big expensive thing, because she thinks our whole idea of what a wedding should be is more about what advertisers tell us than about two people committing to one another. So she doesn't want just bargain version of a "traditional" wedding. But she does want my help. I don't know where to start. We're thinking around fifty guests. There's one matron of honor (me) and a best man. She wants both of their families involved. Somehow. Anyone have any good ideas? Nothing Las Vegas-y. My friends hate "corporate" stuff, so it doesn't get worse than Vegas in their book. Also, they really want their wedding to be memorable.

  5. What do you put on your bridal registry?

    We are going to do our bridal/wedding registry next week. I know to put the basic items on there, but what are some things I probably didn't think of, or things that you wish you'd have put on yours? We are starting out with NOTHING but an empty house. I thought of dinnerware, flatware, towels, sheets, and lamps. We are big foodies, so some silicone bakeware will probably go on the list as well.

  6. Any ideas for pretty and affordable pew decorations?

    My sister is getting married this summer at a park. There are about 10 rows of benches for the guests and they need some decorations. We can't think of something pretty enough that's cheap enough (less than $100 total). Any advice is helpful! I'm the maid of honor and I feel like I'm not doing enough and if I can figure out this darn pew decor I'll feel much better. Thank you in advance.

  7. Any ideas on what to do for a wedding second time around?

    were both getting married for the second time, weve done the whole big fat extravagant wedding! Any of you done something different for your second wedding? Were open to any suggestions!

  8. Know of any good sites for the untraditonal wedding?

    I want my wedding to be nice, but not big and fancy and over the top. I'm looking for orginal ideas on where to start. So far we've decided we'd like to do an outdoor wedding, but we haven't picked a location (we've got plenty of time). Does anyone have any untradtional suggests about anything pertaining to weddings? Locations, decorations, cakes, dress, etc? Or, does anyone know of any good websites with suggestions on things like these?

  9. Does anyone have any good decorating ideas for a wedding/reception with a ballroom theme?

    Our wedding will be in mid-November in Ohio. We are going to hold the wedding and reception in the same place--a banquet hall that allows use of the gazebo, natural spring, and the rest of the beautiful outdoor surroundings. Renting this place takes up most of our money. But I still want to feel like a princess at the ball when I step into the room (me and my bridesmaids are in ball dresses, the men are in tuxedos). I need help with decorating ideas that won't break our pockets.

  10. The outdoor wedding reception: Any tips, suggestions, ideas, horror stories, success stories etc?

    I am STILL throwing around ideas for my wedding reception (our families range from being fairly elegant to super casual, which can make it difficult), but I am thinking of sort of an outdoor, picnic/BBQ in a park near a river. Very picturesque. Still, I am worried about cakes melting, bugs, decor, weather, you know the usual. Any tips, suggestions, ideas, horror stories of outdoor weddings, or success stories of outdoor weddings (mostly receptions) that you have heard of?

  11. Subtle Alice in Wonderland themed wedding?

    We're planning a wedding & want it to have subtle alice in wonderland tones to it. We don't want it over the top & all out wonderlandy, and were going with an overall outdoor-nature theme. Any subtle ideas to incorporate Alice in Wonderland? We're looking for ideas for save the dates, invites, table settings etc. Again we don't want it to be 100% alice in wonderland, just light hints.

  12. I'm planning a outdoor summer wedding at my fiances home where we met, and ideas?

    Our colors are black and white, I'm really looking for lighting and favor ideas. I already know I'm going to use tents because we are going to use them for the reception anyway.