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Beach Wedding Design Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. What are good ideas for a beach wedding?

    how can i decorate my beach wedding with out going over board or gong under board......... please help me........ also whats some good arch way designs for an arch? Anyone real ideas only !!!

  2. Any ideas for cheap beach themed invites?

    We having a destination beach wedding. Planning on about 22 guest. Need 14 invites. any ideas? Also need cheap invites beach themed as well for our BBQ party at home. (parents are throwing us a welcome home party) ideas?

  3. I want to get married but I have not saved a dime, How do I have a beautiful wedding without being broke?

    I read online that this woman had a full wedding for 6,000 using online coupons, that's the type of wedding that I want! I'm not going to spend 20,000 on a wedding unless the wedding is going to last for a month. I also read that she was able to serve her guest steak!!! Is there any tricks or tips that you know of or that you used to help save money on your wedding day?

  4. How to word a wedding reception invitation?

    We are planning on getting married in Jamaca in September and when we get back we want to put on a wedding reception at my mothers house in October. Actualy, my new husband will be 40 too. So I need some ideas of how to word the invitations. Please help.

  5. Objects to float in a pool during a wedding?

    Our wedding reception is going to be located in an area with a huge deck overlooking a pool. We've rented out the pool area just so there wouldn't be people swimming during our wedding. So I'm wondering if you have an ideas for things to float in the pool? I've thought of floating candles (not sure if those are allowed or not) and I thought of clear or solid colored beach balls. Any other ideas?

  6. where can i buy shoes for small feet in glasgow?

    My shoe size is a size 2 and im struggling to buy shoes, preferably with a heel, that are not designed for kids any ideas where i can get them in glasgow or surrounding areas.

  7. Do you think its a good idea to start your home own business making wedding and bridal cards?

    have you done this type of business and did it work?

  8. For my 30th birthday I am having a Luau themed party? I need help with food and drink ideas!?

    I am looking for simple food and drink ideas for a luau party.

  9. What is the best way to do my makeup?

    I have a wedding cumming up on Sunday and it's on a beach and my dress is short, green,black, and white with like a Hawaiian design and i dont know how to do my make up, any ideas?

  10. I want to have my wedding on the beach near Savannah Ga. Does anyone have any suggestions ?

    I live in Kentucky, so need help planning there. My fiance went to college there, we visited together once and I love it. I love the beach wedding idea. I Just dont know how to start.

  11. Where can I buy my summer wedding dress 2012 for my beach-themed wedding in July? I'd like it to be under $150?

    I don't want too complicated dress. Simple, pure white, deep v-neck, above all, suitable for a beach wedding. And also I cannot afford an expensive dress that costs thousands of bucks. Could someone find me such kind of summer wedding dresses? Much appreciated.

  12. How to have a less expensive wedding.?

    I am getting married in the fall of 2011. I am not looking to spend 100 bucks, but i do not want to spend thousands and thousands of dollars on my wedding. I am ecspecially scared in finding a nice dress for under 800 or so dollars, or a nice ring for my husband. anyone have any ideas on how to save money and places to shop and what not, please comment. Thanks for all your answers

  13. I need some decorating ideas. Any suggestions?? Green and orange beach wedding, Asian influence. Thanks!?

    We are planning an Asian influenced, beach wedding, for May 2009. My colors are Fern (Davids Bridal), which to me is in the Olive family and different shades of Orange. I am trying to think of unique decor and flower arrangements. I am thinking of having little Sake cups for my guest gift. So I am up to some creativity!! If you have any ideas, let me know!! Thanks in advanced!

  14. Non traditional wedding officiant ideas?

    We are located in Grand Rapids Michigan and looking for a non traditional wedding officiant. We are more interested in spiritual than religious. We also need someone who will come to Lake Michigan as we are having a beach wedding and renting a hall on the beach near Holland, MI. Our ideal wedding officiant would be someone who answered an ad in the back of Rolling Stones Magazine (anyone remember Northern Exposure?) . Any one have any ideas? :) Thanks.