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Diy Beach Wedding Decor Questions Answered!

  1. Getting married in August...?

    We are getting married in August and I am trying to add little touches that make the wedding cute and fun. For example we have a Mr. and Mrs corn hole game for cock tail hour. We have a "here comes the bride" sign for the ring bearer to carry down the isle as well as signs up the isle with a poem on them. Is there anything else you could suggest to make a part of the wedding that would be cute or fun? any ideas on what to throw instead of rice? i REALLY wanted sparklers but the venue won't allow fire or flames of any kind. THANK YOU!!!

  2. Wedding Budget...am I forgetting anything?

    So I know I went about this a little bit backwards, but now that I have all of these ideas I have to figure out how to pay for all of it :O) Both sets of parents are contributing, and they want to know where they can help out. I want to make a list of things that need to be paid for and an estimate so that our parents can just be like okay I'll pay for this. I just don't want to leave anything out. I am not asking them, they have offered and want to contribute towards specific things. Any DIY projects we will pay for as we go. Save the Dates (DIY) Invitations (DIY) Thankyou Cards (DIY or if I go with the photography package blow, they include 100 personalized Thankyous) photography (engagement/bridal/wedding day--I found a great photographer that does all 3 and bundles them together in a really great package, including 6 hours on the wedding day for $4800) ceremony venue: no cost as it is a public beach *chair rental for the ceremony, est. $255 for 100 chairs (includes delivery & set up) *arbor (DIY project) *decorations for the chairs, arbor, and aisle (DIY project) *fans and programs (DIY project) *flowers Reception Venue (Texas State Aquarium), est. $2600 *decorator *centerpieces (DIY) *other decor *menus and placecards (DIY) *catering *liquor (I would prefer a cocktail hour and a champagne toast, but my fiance says that it won't be a *last name* wedding without it...I said if he can finance the open bar to go for it) *entertainment (playing music off of an IPod, guests will mostly be entertained by the aquarium) *place settings (china/silver) *favors (DIY pillow boxes w/candy) *wedding cake *groom's cake We also want to have: *a welcome party (ice cream themed...maybe catered by Marble Slab) *welcome bags *morning after brunch (not sure if we want to pay for this yet...we might just be like "we'll be at this restraunt until this time if you want to stop by before your flight") The welcome party will be where our parents meet, so we want it to be fun. It will be by the condo pool at the cabana they have there. It will be on a Friday when most of our guests will probably arrive. The actual wedding will be Saturday on the beach and we expect most people will leave on Sunday when we leave on our honeymoon.

  3. Can you take my wedding survey?

    This is just for fun. (: 1. Married, engaged, dating, or single? 2. How long have you guys been together? 3. How old are you guys? How old were you guys when you got engaged/married? 4. If you're engaged or married, when is/was your wedding date? 5. Where did you honeymoon? 6. What are your wedding colors? 7. What is your budget? (Or you can give an approx. range.) 8. Do you have a particular theme, style, or motif? 9. How many guests are attending? 10. What city, state/country will it be in? 11. At-home or destination? 12. For what vendor did you spend the most money on? 13. Which vendor(s) do you care most about/were your main priorities? 14. Cocktail, buffet, or sit-down dinner? Or was it brunch? 15. What did you serve? (: 16. What were the wedding cake and frosting Flavors? Any fondant? 17. What aspects did you DIY, including beauty such as hair, makeup, etc.? 18. Do you plan on selling your wedding dress or keeping it? 19. What was the formality? (Casual, semi-formal, formal, black tie, etc.) ***By question #11, I mean was it at your hometown or was it a destination wedding?

  4. Wedding for under $2,000?

    Is it possible? How can we do it? It will be small (less than 30 people). The price needs to include everything except transportation.