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Beach Wedding Decor Photos Questions Answered!

  1. May i know which seasons go taiwan is the best??? I am planning next year go taipei to take wedding photo...?

    which places is the best to visit and take wedding photo?????

  2. Have you ever heard of a "notebook" wedding?

    I live 4 hours from charleston SC. Folly beach is where i want to get married and have a notebook wedding in charleston and have the reception at the boone hall plantation http://www.flickr.com/photos/jezandbrooke/1281107531/ ^^ the house where ally stayed when she met noah in charleston... does this sound like a good plan? has anyone ever heard of such a thing or am I in my own little fantasy world...?

  3. beach wedding decor??? I'm clueless about this?

    im thinking of having my wedding reception at the beach but I want to have lighting how do i use christmas lights out there? i mean there's nowhere to plug them in LOL oh and what should i serve to my guest! as for food please help! Thanks!

  4. How Much Did Your Wedding Cost?

    Total Amount, please. If you want/or have time, include a little bit of a budget breakdown.

  5. Garden wedding ideas?

    Ive decided to have a garden wedding (the inlaws have beautifully landscaped there 1 acre land) and id like to know what sort of wedding dress to go with - something mid - calf length - simple - ideas?? And ideas for the bridesmaids (purple) dresses And what would the guys wear too Also what decorations would i go with?? What would be the dress code - smart casual (i dont want people wearing jeans lol) Thanks for the help and srry bout all the questions

  6. simple ideas to plan a wedding/honeymoon?

    I have a hunch that my boyfriend will be proposing soon, maybe in the next 3 months or so. This is the first marriage for both of us. I'm 29, he's 28. I come from a big Catholic family and have always been exposed to the church wedding, huge reception, etc....My boyfriend and I make pretty good money together, and I've always wanted a nice, special wedding, but I really don't want to spend a large amount of money on one day. I feel that the wedding industry is so commercialized as it is. I don't think we will be engaged that long. We've already talked about getting married fall 2010, but nothing is set in stone yet. I just need some help on ideas for planning a painless wedding. Something that will be nice and special, but not cost a TON and be a nightmare to plan. Sometimes I watch "Bridezilla" and "Say yes to the dress" and I can't believe the craziness that ensues! I want to enjoy the experience. We are open to all sorts of ideas. We've discussed havinging the more traditional/reception wedding with about 200 guests to a small intimate one that isn't huge, beach wedding, vegas, etc. And when I say Vegas, I don't mean a drive thru! Any ideas would be appreciated! Thanks. We're from Indiana, if that helps.