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Elegant Beach Wedding Decor Questions Answered!

  1. What will a wedding at the Atlantis resort cost?

    + 250-300 guest?

  2. Oregon Beach Wedding?

    I just wanted to know if anyone has some good ideas for a elegant beach wedding. It is going to be in July and i need some help on Ideas. any ideas from decor. to the reception. We are going to rent out a beach house and have it right next to the beach. I need some help please!!

  3. Beach wedding Ideas? I need some help!?

    I have having a beach wedding and I need some good ideas and lots of them. It is going to be Oregon and in July. I am just trying to come up with the ideas now. So that I can search around and not spend a arm and a leg. Because my sister got married in Kent Washington and they got married with in 1 1/2 of their engagement. So we had about a month to get everything together. And I don't want to have that stress on me or on the others that are helping me. I want a beautiful elegant beach wedding. Not a Hawaiian beach wedding or a cheesy one either. So if you guys could help me out that would be great.

  4. Ideas for my beach theme wedding?

    I am having a beach theme wedding, my colors are: aqua, sand, and white. I am planning a elegant, classy wedding. I need some ideas for reception/ceremony decor, favors, flowers, BM & MOH dresses, centerpieces, etc. PLEASE HELP!! Thank you so much! Also invitation ideas, I was thinking about message in a bottle for the invites, but that would be costly, So I was thinking about asking my wedding party (like to accept being in the wedding) in message in bottles.. what do you think?? We are having a church wedding, and I just want the feel at the reception to be like were at the beach.

  5. Questions about Beach Wedding!!!?

    Me and my fiance have just decided where we are having our wedding, we are going to have the ceromony on the beach and the reception hall is on the same beach. i have a couple questions- 1. does anybody know any good website for a wedding dress for the beach, in the sense of summery, and short but still elegant and classy. any sites will do. 2. is white ok? or should i be original and go for a color. for the dress. 3. i am a girly girl, but since it is going to be a summer wedding. i want vibrant colors for flowers and deco and wedding party, how is BRIGHT PINK? or do you think that is to "childish" or any other advice? 4. my fav flower is a tulip but taht is a spring flower do you think it is ok to have taht as my main flower in the summer??? 5.and the hall is attached to a deck, so i want eating inside, and dancing and the band outside, and i want to focus more on the deck for decorations and make it very 'magical" with lights intertwined with flowers, any other more ideas???? oh yes i am going to be 23 at the time of the wedding and my fiance will be 26, just so you get a sense of the "age group" THANKS GUYS!!!

  6. Wedding venue, Sotegrande, Spain?

    I'm looking for a luxury villa to rent to hold a wedding and reception. Any recommendations or contacts?

  7. are informal weddings ok?

    we have decided that when we get married we would like to get married on a beach-northwestern Tasmania and that this would be an informal occasion by which we mean the following dress codes males: jeans, boardshorts, thongs, shoes or boots females: whatever you like is this to informal or are we better to be SLIGHTLY more formal? please dont say get married in a church because neither of us goto church at all and love the idea of an informal wedding. Mitch and Laura

  8. Why have a theme?

    Why do some people have wedding themes? I mean, I get it's a good way to spice them up but is there another reason? What are some themes you've heard of? and how does a them effect how the wedding plays out? Does it determin what kinds of colors, music, and food you have or am I way off my mark? What else might it effect? Be detailed if you can. I'm trying to decide if I want want one or not but have very little info about them.