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Cheap Beach Wedding Decor Questions Answered!

  1. Suggestions for elegant, simple and cheap decor for wedding reception?

    I already have candles, flowers.

  2. looking for hotel in aberdeen uk for wedding function?

    the cheapest the better.the price of drink is expensive. thinking of guests

  3. Anyone know how to do a cheap DIY wedding?

    HELP!!!!! My sister has a (small-ish) wedding planned at a beach house in SC in July. She was going to have SOME things be DIY but today her fiance was laid off from his job (GREAT timing huh?) so it looks like all will need to be DIY or there will be no wedding. It would be very hard to change the date of the wedding b/c most people have already plunked down lots of money for beach house rentals (there are no hotels in the area and most are coming from out of state). PLEASE HELP!!! Anyone on here have experience on have any advice doing a DIY wedding on the VERY cheap but still look nice? I mean from flowers to decor to food to everything!! My poor sister is freaking out and any and all advice will be much appreciated! ETA: It will be a beach wedding at sunset, sister has already rented a beach house to have reception at. No one?? Ugh. I know my question is a little broad, sorry.... just trying to help my sis as best I can right now.

  4. castles in dominican republic?

    my fiance and i are debating if we should have our wedding in the u.s or in d.r to save some money. the point is i saw a beautiful caslte in jersey that i would LOVE to get married in, but in case we decide to move our wedding to d.r, i still want my wedding in a castle. i never been to the country so i don't know squat and i don't know what i am looking for.

  5. Does anyone know, wedding runner help???

    Does anyone know where I can get a bamboo aisle runner, or something like it? We are having a beach wedding and since I am worried about the sand being hot on the bridals party's feet (who will be barefoot) guest can go barefoot or wear shoes it's their choice, I have seen a couple outdoor weddings that had bamboo styled aisle runners, and idea wher I would find one or something like it? At a decent price? Thanks!

  6. Reception decor ideas?

    Beach wedding so it'll most likely be at one of the resort's open-air restaraunts. I was thinking paper lanterns if possible, maybe twinkle lights (kinda cheesy, even wrapped in tulle though), an array of cream colored candles for centerpieces instead of flowers (cheap). I don't know exactly what they're called but I was thinking about those paper things that go over candles, anyone know the name? They kinda look like paper bags. It's gonna be in Cancun so I can't bring too much stuff with me. Any ideas would be good.

  7. I need cheap wedding ideas!?

    So my fiance and I dont have that much money and have considered eloping to make things alot cheaper. But then we do also want our family and friends there to. The only way we could afford to have our whole family there, (about 60 guest excluding children) would be to have a backyard wedding. But we would have family flying in from overseas and other states and would really like it to be special. Any ideas of a way i could do it cheap, with the whole family in tow. Some one suggested a beach wedding with a bonfire after. Which would be really nice!

  8. Anyone had a beach wedding?

    my boyfriend and i have been talking a lot about getting married, were not engaged yet, but plan on it sometime this year (i hope lol). we've both decided it'd be cool to have a beach wedding...he's a surfer, i love the ocean and also attempt surfing...question is, anyone had a beach wedding of their own or attended one? where was it? what were your thoughts? how did your budget work out? we will probably have btwn 50-100 guests total...close family at the actual ceremony, then probably bigger reception at a nearby hotel. thinking maybe along florida's east coast, or possibly in the keys. thanks for any input!

  9. I need help planning a cheap beach wedding!?

    My fiance and I are on a really tight budget for our wedding. We know we want it on the beach. The problem is, we both have huge families and weddings are a big deal in both, so everyone has to at least be invited. Right now our list is up to 150 people with just family. I refuse to take out a loan. Does anyone know of really good cost cutting solutions to kind of spend less on the rest of the stuff, but still have everyone come and have a good time? I'm lost and overwhelmed! Thanks for the help! I really appreciate it!